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Pet Dental Health

Tuesday - June 6th, 2023
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We love our pets and want to keep them healthy! Prioritizing their dental health is one important way we can ensure they are living their best life possible. Just like humans, an animal’s dental health is related to its overall health. Below are five questions you should ask yourself to help ensure you are providing the best dental care to your pets.

1. What are you feeding them?

It may be hard to say no to those puppy eyes, but constantly feeding your pets sugar-filled treats can lead to cavities. Look at the ingredient list of your pet’s treats and check the sugar content. For hamsters, their teeth are constantly growing, and eating certain foods will help them file them down. If their teeth are too long, it can cause oral injuries and they may not be able to properly eat.

2. Are their toys safe?

Pay attention to what toys you purchase for your pets. For example, antlers, real or synthetic bones, and raw hides can be harmful to your pets and cause tooth fractures. Only give your pets toys approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

3. Are you brushing their teeth?

Brushing teeth does not only apply to humans – our furry companions can have plaque build-up just like us! Routinely brushing their teeth can help ensure good oral health. Remember to use enzymatic pet toothpaste and not yours which is dangerous for pets.

4. Do you schedule routine vet visits?

Don’t just go to the vet when there is an emergency. Similarly to how we schedule routine dentist appointments for ourselves, our pets should have regular vet visits such as wellness checkups and dental evaluations. During your pet’s yearly dental examination, the vet will check for gum disease, fractures, or plaque build-up. Similar to your dental checkups, your pets may also receive x-rays, gum measurements, oral cancer screens, and cleanings!

5. Do you have pet insurance?

We know visits to the vet can be expensive so we recommend getting pet insurance! This can allow vet services and treatments to be more affordable. Some pet insurance may cover yearly checkups, dental cleaning, and more. Do your research and select the one that is best for your pet’s needs.

Whenever you have questions about their oral health, ask your vet! They are the experts and will let you know all the things you need to do to keep your pet’s teeth healthy!