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Comprehensive Dental Checkups at Monarch Dental

Experts recommend scheduling your family’s dental checkups every six months. By prioritizing routine dental exams, we can help you prevent problems before they start and treat them before they evolve into bigger concerns.
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Why Are Dental Checkups Important?

Professional dental exams allow us to screen for dental issues early on while they’re simpler and more affordable to treat. For instance, identifying a small area of tooth decay during dental checkups can prevent the risk of a painful abscess or the need for a root canal several months later.

As part of your preventive and maintenance care, we recommend scheduling a dental exam at least once every six months. Most insurance plans cover a checkup twice a year so it practically pays for itself. We use these intermittent visits to screen for periodontal disease, check for cavities, and perform a basic dental health assessment. If we notice any concerns, we can provide you with dental treatment plans that are more conservative and affordable to complete.

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Oral Health and Dental Checkups

Planning ahead by scheduling your regular cleanings and exams allows you to identify oral health issues or diseases as early as possible. Because dental conditions can spread quickly, it’s important to routinely screen for early symptoms on a routine basis. During each of your exams, our dentists take a detailed approach to your patient experience, comparing their findings to previous records and evaluating any changes between visits.

Our team will provide you with a prevention-focused treatment experience that benefits both your smile and your overall health. Oral health is linked to your overall health. By identifying and treating conditions like periodontal disease, you can lower your risk of a stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, diabetes, infertility, and other medical conditions. If you’re currently struggling with health issues and also show signs of swollen or bleeding gums, be sure to prioritize scheduling an oral health checkup

Getting Started with a Dental Checkup at Monarch Dental

Every new patient checkup at Monarch Dental includes a comprehensive dental exam which provides a baseline for your smile’s future. We will carefully measure and evaluate each area of your mouth and make note of anything that needs to be monitored or addressed. We’ll screen for periodontal disease, oral cancer, bone loss, TMJ disorder, tooth decay, and more. Although your new patient appointment typically lasts a little longer, it allows us to gather comprehensive information that we’ll reference back for future dental checkups.

Our affordable dental exams also incorporate advanced digital imaging and X-rays This technology makes it possible to assess your underlying bone structures, tooth roots, and surrounding oral anatomy. Without these images, many major dental diseases and complications can easily go undiagnosed until it’s too late.

What is the Monarch Dental Patient Experience?

At Monarch Dental, we treat you like family and provide affordable prices that allow you to access quality dental care that fits your busy schedule. Our friendly team offers checkups and exams for all ages, making it convenient for busy families to see the same dental providers every six months. Plus, we have in-office specialists like orthodontists, periodontists, and other board-certified experts to deliver expanded treatments under one roof. Choosing Monarch Dental means you can enjoy personalized, affordable dentistry near you.

What to Expect During a Monarch Dental Checkup

When you call to schedule your checkup, let us know if you have any specific concerns and how long it’s been since your last dental exam. Most new patients with healthy smiles will receive a comprehensive exam, preventative dental cleaning, and X-rays. Your dentist will check for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, oral cancer, and other common oral health conditions. We will also take extra time to answer any questions you have if treatment is required, we’ll let you know about different treatment options.

Personalized Treatment Plans and Preventive Care Recommendations

During your dental checkup, our dentists will assess your oral health, offering their recommendations on the best plan of care. We will discuss the various options available, as well as their advantages and costs so that you can select the best treatment for your situation. Not only does this make your care more affordable, but it also ensures a personalized care experience

After your treatment, we’ll educate you on effective preventive care habits to limit recurring issues. For best results, be sure to plan a preventive care visit at least twice per year, regardless of your age.

How Much Do Dental Checkups Cost?

Dental checkups are typically covered by your dental insurance or included with our OneSmile Dental Plan. If you’re a new patient who needs to schedule an exam or second opinion, we also offer affordable special offers on your first examination and X-rays.

The total cost of your checkup can vary since it depends on the type of exam (e.g., limited emergencies, comprehensive, etc.) and X-rays you receive. When you call to schedule your appointment, we will determine which type of visit you need and offer transparent pricing so you know exactly what to expect.

Most Dental Insurance Accepted

Did you know most dental insurance plans cover 100% of your comprehensive dental exams and regular checkups? We work closely with your specific carrier to help maximize your coverage and limit out-of-pocket expenses related to your oral health needs. Monarch Dental proudly accepts most major PPO and HMO dental insurance plans. Find a list of major insurance plans accepted near you with our convenient zip code tool.

No Dental Insurance? Join Our Membership Program

If you don’t have dental insurance, be sure to join Monarch Dental’s OneSmile Dental Plan. Membership includes routine dental exams and checkups plus added savings for one annual fee. Enjoy our always-affordable transparent pricing plus 20-40% off most treatments with membership.

Monarch Dental Flexible Payment Plans

During your dental exam, we’ll discuss our findings and any treatment recommendations based on your oral health needs. To ensure your treatment is as affordable as possible, we offer convenient dental financing on all services. Payment plans can also be combined with your insurance coverage or our OneSmile plan to ensure you can access the treatment you deserve without waiting.

Reserve Your New Patient Exam Today

How long has it been since your last dental exam? If it’s been six months or more, it’s time to reserve your next checkup. At Monarch Dental, we make it easy to love your smile and save money. As your oral health partner, we deliver quality, affordable treatments that will keep you smiling for years. Contact us today to get started!
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