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Oral Exam

As any medical professional will say, prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to your health. Oral exams are an important preventative measure that helps your dentist monitor your oral health and identify any areas of concern. By catching them early, your dentist can recommend appropriate treatment to keep minor problems like cavities or gingivitis from progressing into larger health issues like tooth decay, bone deterioration, and gum disease.

Monarch Dental offers oral exams as part of our comprehensive list of dental care services because we believe that a healthy mouth makes for a healthy life. From cleanings, checkups, and oral exams to fillings, crowns, and root canals, you’ll find all of the treatment options you and your family need to keep your smile going strong, all in one convenient office.

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Why are oral exams important?

Oral exams are important for several reasons. First of all, they establish a baseline for your dentist to monitor any changes in your oral health. Second, they give your dentist an opportunity to examine your teeth, tongue, gums, throat, and oral tissue more closely.

An oral exam also gives your dentist an opportunity to identify potential problems like:

  • Misalignment in your jaws or irregularities in your bite. Misaligned jaws can lead to larger health concerns like TMJ.
  • Inflammation or redness that could indicate an infection.
  • Damaged restorations, like a broken or missing filling or crown.
  • Abnormalities or hardness in the neck or lymph nodes, which could be indications of throat cancer or infection
  • Mouth sores or white dots on the oral tissues that could indicate oral cancer.
  • Swollen, inflamed, or red gums that might be a sign of gum disease.
  • Worn enamel, cracked teeth or cracked restorations, or worn biting surfaces that are symptoms of bruxism, or teeth grinding.

What happens during an oral exam?

During an oral exam, your dentist and/or dental hygienist will:

  1. Gather or update your medical, dental, and oral health history information, including whether or not you or your family has any history of gum disease, oral cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. Recent research has discovered a strong correlation between oral health and overall health, and vice versa, so understanding the bigger picture of your health can help your dentist ensure you receive the proper preventative care you need for a healthy mouth and body.
  2. Identify and assess previous dental restorations like fillings, sealants, crowns, implants, bridges, or root canals and examine your teeth for signs of damage or decay.
  3. Perform dental (or periodontal) charting, which consists of measuring your teeth and gum pockets for signs of gingivitis or gum disease.
  4. Perform dental x-rays so the dentist can assess the bone, tissue, and structures below the visible tooth and gumline, such as the tooth roots and dental pulp.
  5. Check for signs of oral cancer, bruxism (teeth grinding), and malocclusions, or misalignment of the top and bottom jaws.
  6. Discuss their findings, including any recommendations or referrals for further treatment or specialized care.

When should I get an oral exam?

Oral exams are usually performed during routine dental checkups and cleanings, which you should have at least every six months. There may be circumstances when you need additional oral exams, such as if your dentist wants to monitor the progression or improvement of a particular condition, or if you are visiting a new dentist.

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Taking care of your health shouldn’t be hard and expensive. At Monarch Dental, we make it convenient and affordable for you to receive the quality preventative care you deserve. With multiple locations—many of which offer evening and Saturday appointments–and flexible scheduling, we can get you and your family in, out, and on with your busy life. 

What’s more, Monarch Dental makes sure exceptional care fits your budget as well, accepting CareCredit as well as most major dental insurance plans and offering a variety of payment and financing options. We also offer the OneSmile Dental Plan, which provides members with free oral exams and dental x-rays, plus discounts on most dental services, all for one low annual payment. OneSmile Dental Plans are available for individuals, couples, and families, so there’s one to fit your situation perfectly.

It’s never too late to start taking better care of your oral health. Schedule an appointment today at the Monarch Dental office nearest you!