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Military Dentists: An Important Part of Our Troops

Wednesday - May 17th, 2023
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Armed Forces Day is approaching so let’s take the time to celebrate all our troops including our military dentists! Dental care has been a part of the military since the American Revolution, though back then, barbers and blacksmiths would be the ones providing these types of services. Today, our military makes sure to have high-trained individuals provide dentistry.

What do Military Dentists do?

Dentists in the military are responsible for a wide range of dental services and have to be highly skilled in many different areas of dentistry. This is because they may be the only dental provider in the area they are deployed to. They may perform routine and preventative dental services like checkups and cleanings as well as treatments for injuries caused by combat.

Military Dentists at Monarch Dental

Monarch Dental is honored to employ active and retired military dentists. These dental providers are an important part of our teams and we are grateful for the experience they bring to all our Monarch Dental offices. One of our dentists, who is also a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel, is Dr. Alan Walker. He spent nine years in the Army and when asked about those nine years, he explained how the Army encouraged him to practice to the top of his abilities. He got to learn many different areas of dentistry including oral surgery and dental sleep medicine and is grateful for the opportunities they gave him to expand his dental knowledge.

Remembering the Importance of Military Dentists

Military dentists play a crucial role in keeping our troops healthy and ready to serve since good oral health is a key component of one’s overall health. Whenever we honor our military, let us not forget the valuable work our military dental providers do to support our nation’s defenders.