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3 Dental Tips for Summer Vacations

Monday - June 19th, 2023
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Summer’s here which means hello to trips, vacations, and more! We don’t want dental issues to ruin your summer fun so here are a few tips to help keep your teeth in tip-top shape during the vacation season.

1. Keep brushing and flossing

Just because you’re taking a break from work or school, doesn’t mean you should put a pause on good oral hygiene. If you come back from your trip with red puffy gums and a mouth filled with plaque, your next dental exam and cleaning won’t be much fun. Pack convenient travel-sized versions of all your dental essentials and if you forget, ask your hotel if they provide some. For those who have had their teeth straightened with braces or clear aligners, don’t forget to bring your retainers with you! If you’re going on a trip that lasts for several months, make sure to replace your toothbrush every three months.

2. Eat well

Remember to keep a balanced and tooth-friendly diet during your trip. If you already have pre-existing dental conditions, ask your dentist for a list of foods you should avoid to prevent your condition from worsening. We recommend not skipping out on healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts when available since these types of foods can protect your dental health. If you will be eating a lot of sugary or acidic foods, make sure to have water nearby so you can rinse your mouth after eating these foods. This will help prevent your teeth from forming cavities or your enamel from wearing down.

3. Have a plan for dental emergencies

Though a dental emergency will most likely not happen during your trip, it’s still good to be prepared in case something does come up. Before you set off, research nearby dental providers in the region you are traveling to. If you happen to be vacationing in an area with Monarch Dental offices, use our office finder to learn which office will be closest to you. Dental issues such as a knocked-out tooth, dental abscesses, and facial trauma or oral injuries from an accident (including severe scrapes, bleeding from the mouth, or swelling of the gums) must be taken care of immediately. You should never wait till the end of your vacation to resolve these issues so make sure to contact the nearest dentist office for an emergency visit. Lastly, we also recommend purchasing travel insurance to help cover any surprise emergencies.

We hope you continue to prioritize your dental health during your vacation or trips this summer. If you have any dental concerns before your trip, schedule a visit with your local Monarch Dental office. Our team of dentists will inform you of all you need to do to avoid any dental emergencies.