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Shark Week Special: Shark Teeth Trivia

Wednesday - July 19th, 2023
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In honor of Shark Week, we would like to share some toothy trivia about our favorite apex predator. Keep reading to learn how shark teeth compare with human teeth.

Shark Vs. Human Teeth

Did you know sharks can have 15 rows of teeth? This solidifies why they are one of the most feared creatures in the ocean. Their teeth are like a conveyor belt where new teeth continuously move forward to replace any lost or worn-out ones. If only humans had that ability! On the bright side, even though we can’t regrow our missing adult teeth, we can do things to protect our teeth from falling off. Make sure to brush them twice a day (using fluoride toothpaste), floss daily, and go to your routine dental exams to keep your teeth healthy. If you are missing teeth and want to restore your smile, ask our dentists about dental implants! Best thing about them is that they act and feel like your natural teeth.

The Strength of a Shark Bite

Have you ever wondered how strong a shark’s bite is? These massive chompers can exert up to 1.5 tons of bite force and withstand an incredible amount of pressure! Human teeth, on the other hand, obviously are not as powerful, but they are stronger than you may think. Our tooth enamel is harder than our bones which is why we can munch on many hard and crunchy foods. Just remember to take good care of your enamel and keep it strong and healthy by brushing twice a day and avoiding overly acidic foods which may wear them down.

Different Types of Shark Teeth

Shark teeth come in many different shapes and sizes. Just like human teeth, each type of tooth serves a specific purpose. For example, long and pointed teeth are used for grasping prey. Teeth that are flat and serrated are used to tear. Similarly, we use our incisors to bite down on foods and our canines to tear. To finish the job, we use our molars to grind up the remnants.

We hope you found these sharky facts interesting! Tune in to Discovery’s Shark Week to learn more. One thing that you have access to that a wild shark doesn’t is a great dental team. Monarch Dental is here to make sure your teeth are in their best condition. If it’s been some time since your last dental visit, find a Monarch Dental office near you and book an appointment!