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The Truth About Oral Cancer

Monday - April 29th, 2024
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Did you know regular dental checkups are opportunities for your dentist to look for any signs of oral cancer? Any cancer that develops in your mouth, sinuses, and throat is considered oral cancer. It is a life-threatening disease but early detection and treatment greatly increase the survival rate. To help you understand more about this cancer, we’ll be debunking common oral cancer myths.

Myth 1: Oral cancer is easy to detect

Fact: The earliest stages of oral cancer are the hardest to detect. Symptoms may not be obvious. It is important to visit the dentist for regular screenings – these examinations are crucial for early detection and treatment. The Monarch Dental team is at the forefront of advancements in oral cancer detection. If more evaluation is needed after the first exam, you will be referred to a specialist who will continue your care. At Monarch Dental, you’ll receive the best treatment possible. We prioritize your health and well-being and make sure to support you through the whole process.

Myth 2: Only high-risk patients need oral cancer screenings

Fact: It doesn’t matter how high-risk you are – everyone should undergo routine oral cancer screenings. This is crucial for early detection and improving treatment outcomes. The good news is that during every dental cleaning, our dentists and hygienists are looking for oral cancer signs – you won’t have to book a separate appointment to get a screening. These quick and painless examinations can save your life so don’t skip your next cleaning.

Myth 3: I don’t smoke so I can’t get oral cancer

Fact: It is true that tobacco users have a higher risk of developing cancer, but non-smokers are not immune to this disease. Other risk factors include excessive consumption of alcohol, a diet low in vegetables and fruits, overexposure to the sun (for lip cancer), and human papillomavirus (HPV). You can reduce your chances for oral cancer with regular exercise, eating balanced meals, and managing your stress. We also recommend getting vaccinated for HPV to reduce your risk of developing oral cancer.

A Brighter Future

We all hope that someday oral cancer is a thing of the past. That future is within reach thanks to increased awareness, early detection, and technological advancements in the prevention of oral cancer. To help ensure you’re safe from oral cancer, make sure to go to your routine dental visits. If it’s been over a year since your last visit, book a visit with the closest Monarch Dental office! Our team is ready to help you smile’s health and make sure you are oral-cancer free.