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14 Days to a Heart-Happy Smile

Monday - February 12th, 2024
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It’s time to celebrate the month of love! This includes loving yourself so why not show some extra care to your smile? Did you know keeping your smile healthy also helps your heart health? We’ve come up with some simple habits you can introduce to yourself for two weeks to keep both your smile and heart happy!

Day 1: Ignite Success

Start your two-week journey by taking two minutes each morning and night to brush your teeth with good fluoride toothpaste. Don’t know which to choose? Consult your dentist! This simple habit will jumpstart your success to a healthier and brighter smile.

Day 3: Remember to Floss

Now it’s time to integrate flossing into your daily routine. The good news is that we have so many different types of floss products. Whether you prefer traditional floss, floss picks, or water flossers, you’re bound to find one that will work best for you.

Day 6: Keep Hydrated

Water is a big part of a healthy body. Drinking water throughout the day helps promote a healthy mouth environment which may also reduce your risk for heart disease. Muscles, including your heart, function best when they are well-hydrated. With each sip of water, both your smile and heart reap the benefits.

Day 9: Eating Healthy Snacks

Now it’s time to introduce some healthy snacking. Switch out one sugary snack or beverage a day for something more nutritious such as fruits and vegetables. You’ll be able to satisfy your cravings while boosting your overall health. Certain crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots can also prevent stain build-up on teeth – a bonus for a brighter smile.

Day 12: Get Up and Move!

Your two weeks are almost done so it’s time to introduce some heart-pumping exercises! It not only benefits your heart but may reduce your risk of gum disease! Exercising regularly helps lower inflammation in your body including your gums! Don’t forget to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Day 14: Appreciate Yourself

Your two weeks are up so take the moment to be proud of the habits you now have to improve your overall wellbeing. Remember to keep these habits so your heart and smile stay healthy for many years!

Want an additional habit? Visit your dentist twice a year to make sure your teeth and mouth are in good health. If it’s been more than a year since your last visit, book a visit with your closest Monarch Dental office. Our team will make sure your smile is in tip-top shape and treat any dental issues that you may have.