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5 Financing Options before Seeing Your Oral Surgeon

Friday - March 30th, 2018
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Surgery, especially oral surgery, can be a daunting experience for many patients. Figuring out how you can pay for your oral surgery is a challenge in it of itself. If you’re looking for an emergency oral surgeon, we’ve compiled a few dental financing options, including payment plans that you’ll want to assess before seeing your oral surgeon. That way you’ll know what to do look for when seeking affordable, quality care that works with your budget. To find a local dentist with payment plans, use our dentist near me search tool to locate the nearest Monarch Dental location to you.

With advancements in technology, oral surgery can often be a minimally invasive procedure. However, it still poses it’s risks, and you’ll want to be sure you’ve chosen a qualified, professional oral surgeon to get the job done right. Searching for the right oral surgeon, one aspect patients need to assess is cost. At Monarch Dental, we feel that cost should never restrict a patient from getting the care they deserve. This is why we offer several financing options patients can look to in lowering their bill, as well as managing the cost of their procedures. Know what options you have before scheduling your next appointment, as it can give you access to better care at a manageable rate.

When You Need Oral Surgery

Before you head straight to an oral surgeon, you’ll have to visit a dentist first. Most oral surgeons will require some type of referral stating the condition of your teeth and what needs a procedure performed. As oral surgeons are very specialized, there may be one surgeon your dentist will recommend over the other, depending on your needs. In some cases, your dentist may also have some training as an oral surgeon, or have an oral surgeon within the same dental office.

Oral surgery works to alleviate a wide variety of dental issues, so knowing exactly when you’ll need it will ultimately depend on your dental concerns. If you’ve been experiencing severe toothache symptoms, your dentist can provide you with an oral exam to determine what the issue is. If they deem oral surgery necessary, they will recommend you to an oral surgeon.

Contacting an Emergency Oral Surgeon

What should you do in an emergency situation? Contact an emergency dentist near you. If it’s an emergency that can’t wait, Monarch Dental offers extended hours for patients seeking immediate dental care. If it’s pain you’re experiencing, there are a few steps you can take to ease your discomfort while you wait. If you feel that the symptoms you are experiencing can’t wait, you can go to an urgent care to alleviate some of the pain. However, if the pain stems from a dental issue there won’t be much a medical professional can do at curing the symptoms.

5 Dental Financing Options

Determining how you’re going to pay for your oral surgery can play a large role in who you decide to perform the oral surgery. You want to make sure you choose an oral surgeon that is professional, qualified, and most importantly, can put your worries at ease. Oral surgery can seem scary, but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about in the hands of qualified professional. Get the best in care by using these five financing options:

1. Dental Insurance. Get the most out of your dental insurance plan by getting your care from Monarch Dental. We accept most insurance plans and take the work out of filing claims by doing it for you. Dental insurance should cover most, if not all, of the cost of your oral surgery procedure. However, plans can vary and you’ll want to double check to see what’s covered by your dental insurance provider before scheduling an appointment. We recommend talking to your dentist or oral surgeon to go over a list of procedures and charges you’ll be incurring. From there, you can take that list to your insurance provider to talk about coverage.

2. Coupons and Offers. Take advantage of money saving offers and coupons to see what you can apply to your oral surgery procedure. You might be surprised in finding discounted offers on procedures like extractions or other dental procedures. Patients can be the first to take advantage of savings by looking at the Monarch Dental website or by signing up for a newsletter with coupons listed by their area. Either way, they’re easy to use and can help reduce some of the cost you’ll pay towards your procedure.

3. Credit Cards. At Monarch Dental, we accept most major credit cards for patients wanting to use their existing line of credit to pay for their surgery. Check to see what your spending limit is and if it’s worth putting your bill on your credit card. For smaller, more inexpensive procedures it may be worth it. For larger instances, it may be best to consider some other financial options. Oral surgery can range in cost, and you’ll want to make sure all your procedures are taken care of financially before going through with them.

4. Dental Plans. If you haven’t yet considered using a dental plan, a case for oral surgery may want you to reconsider. Using a dental plan like the OneSmile dental plan helps patients receive discounted prices at participating Monarch Dental locations on all types of dental procedures. There’s no waiting period and you don’t have to have an approved credit to apply. With a one-time low annual fee patients are granted savings on both an individual or family level, depending on which you select. These plans can oftentimes help lower some oral surgery procedures.

5. Payment Plans. One of the simplest ways to take care of your oral surgery bill is with a payment plan. There are a few advantages in doing so. Oral surgery is often an expensive endeavor, especially if it’s fairly invasive or a procedure that will require several visits to your dentist or oral surgeon. Using a payment plan allows patients to receive the care they need without having to worry how much it will cost them. They can use payment plans to spread out the cost of their procedure over a course of time. Payment plans at Monarch Dental are also set in-house, meaning the terms and conditions are more favorable to patients undergoing dental care because the plans are designed with the patient in mind.

Dental Payment Plans to Choose From

Dental Payment Plans toAt Monarch Dental there are three variations in the payment plans we offer, each including something different in terms of the plan itself and who can qualify. In this way, we’re able to provide our patients with the care they deserve without having to wait for financial constraints to vanish. To use a payment plan for your oral surgery, you can fill out an application form online or you can do so in person.

The first payment plan we offer includes a no money down and no interest policy. This plan can be used for your oral surgery needs as a way to seek care immediately and worry about the financing later. Without having to put any money down towards your bill, patients only have to worry about paying back their procedure once it’s complete. The plan accrues no interest, allowing patients to only pay for exactly what they receive. It’s simple, and it works for many of our patients. The plan is given to patients upon approved credit.

The second payment plan we have introduces a low money down and no interest policy. Patients are still able to pay for exactly what they receive, and through installments over a period of time. Putting a bit of money towards your bill will help lower the amount you’ll pay each month. It also helps if you don’t have a great credit score, as patients are approved with a valid ID and a debit or credit card.

The third payment plan we offer involves extended terms at a 14.9% interest rate. Using a payment plan like this, patients can opt for a more expensive procedure that they need done and have the ability to pay for their bill over a longer course of time. We offer extended terms at 24, 36, and 48 months. Check with your dentist or oral surgeon to see if this plan could be right for you.

Payment Plans at a Dentist Near Me

Locating a dentist and oral surgeon within the same office doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it easy by appearing in most “dentist near me” searches patients perform, as we have several Monarch Dental locations in the area. We have emergency dentists and oral surgeons that are qualified and happy to serve our patients for many years. This type of experience creates a positive environment for our patients, and dental financing allows everyone to receive quality care. You can schedule an appointment by visiting us online or by calling us at 1-844-800-7645.