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Dallas Dentist: Emergency Walk-Ins & Financing

Monday - March 26th, 2018
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When dental emergencies happen, one of the most important first steps you can take is to visit an emergency dentist. All too often patients will wait to seek dental care due to financial concerns. However, with dental financing and dental payment plans within reach at a Dallas Monarch Dental office quick, professional care at an affordable rate isn’t only attainable, it’s realistic. Using a local dentist with payment plans, patients can put their oral care first in an emergency dental situation without compromising their current financial situation. If you’re in an emergency, use our dentist near me search tool to locate a Monarch Dental office near you. With walk-in and scheduled appointments for emergency dental care, we know how to take care of you and your finances.

Walk-In Emergency Dentist

There are some cases where patients shouldn’t wait for an appointment, and instead, walk-in to their nearest Monarch dental office. Emergencies are emergencies for a reason, and treating them as such will help expedite your healing process and prevent larger dental issues from developing should you choose to wait. Having a dentist that offers walk-in appointments is care that Monarch Dental takes pride in by offering extended hours and care when patients need it the most.

Determining what is a dental emergency and what isn’t can be difficult for patients. Everyone has a different pain tolerance and it can be difficult to tell what’s worthy of heading straight to the emergency dentist. Some cues to pay attention to include any warning sides that you could lose your tooth. For example, some events that could cause an emergency dentist visit without scheduling an appointment include:

A Traumatic Injury

If you’ve had a serious injury to the mouth, either resulting in damage to your teeth or not, you’ll want to have it checked by an emergency dentist. In extreme cases, nerve damage could be a serious side effect you’ll want to have assessed by a dentist to make sure your teeth are still well. If a nerve in your tooth or teeth has been damaged, the result could be the loss of a tooth. At an emergency appointment, your dentist will also be able to assess whether there has been any damage to the bone or gum tissue of your teeth. In serious cases, you may be advised to go to a medical doctor as well to make sure you have not experienced any type of concussion.

A Broken Tooth or Loss of a Tooth

Usually this results from a traumatic injury, but not always. The loss or break in a tooth can result from chewing something that wears at your teeth, an infection, or tooth decay. When this happens and the break is severe, you’ll want to seek immediate care from your dentist. If the nerve of your tooth is exposed, not only can it be extremely painful, but you leave your tooth at risk of tooth decay and infection. If the tooth has been removed from its socket, don’t panic. If you can locate your tooth, try to salvage it by storing it a glass of milk and bring it to your dentist. From there, they can try to save the tooth or work on sealing it with a filling to prevent any infection from happening.

A Severe Infection

Infections are nothing to mess with, especially when it comes to your teeth. If you have an infected tooth, like an abscessed tooth, you’ll want to see your dentist immediately. Some warning sides include pus excretion, a foul odor, or discoloration coming from your tooth. At this stage, you risk spreading the infection into your bloodstream, as well as the possibility of losing your tooth entirely. Your emergency dentist will work to treat and remove any existing infection before restoring your tooth. It’s the treatment and removal process that needs to be expedited before it affects the rest of your body.

Scheduling an Emergency Dentist Appointment

If you’re experiencing a less severe, but still pressing dental emergency it can be better to wait and schedule an emergency dentist appointment. These are for dental situations that are causing you some concern regarding a particular tooth or teeth that will need to be looked at by a professional dentist. One of the most common reason for emergency dental visits are a toothache. If you are experiencing some toothache symptoms that persist and increase in severity, you’ll want to visit an emergency dentist to determine what’s causing you pain. The main difference between an emergency dentist appointment and an oral exam at your dentist is that your dentist will be focusing their attention on just one tooth or area of your mouth.

During this process, they may request dental X-rays and perform an oral exam to localize the issue and determine what’s causing symptoms below the surface of the tooth. Emergency appointments like these can bring up many dental issues including everything from tooth decay to gum disease. If it’s an issue that’s persistent and painful, it’s always better to use caution and schedule an emergency dentist appointment. Catching dental issues early on can help save your teeth from larger issues that are not only more painful, but typically more expensive in their treatment as well.

Waiting for A Dentist in Dallas

If you’ve found yourself walking into a dentist in Dallas, or are scheduling an emergency dentist appointment, there are a few things you can to do ease the pain and expedite the process.





How to Pay for an Emergency Dentist

One of the most common reasons patients don’t seek emergency care is due to financial concern. However, seeking emergency dental care early in stages of pain and symptoms can oftentimes prevent more expensive issues from developing. Even a simple oral exam with minimal cost can help patients determine what’s causing their symptoms and what treatment plans they can take moving forward. There are a few options patients have when it comes to paying for their emergency dentist visit.

Dental Insurance

A common method of payment is to use your dental insurance. Whether privately purchased or organized through an employer, many patients have the ability to use their dental insurance as a way to cover the cost of their emergency dentist visit. Understandably, not all patients have dental insurance. For those that don’t, or for policies that don’t cover the cost of an emergency dental visit, consider some other options.

Credit Cards

At Monarch Dental, we accept credit cards as a valid method of payment. This is great for patients that have a small statement associated with their visit, and prefer to use an existing line of credit to pay for it.

Out of Pocket

Some patients have the cash at hand to cover the cost of minor dental emergencies that pop up. If you’ve budgeted for this or have the ability to pay for your visit straight away, paying directly works as well.

Dental Financing for an Emergency Dentist

If the payment methods mentioned above aren’t what you had in mind, consider a dental payment plan. Payment plans offered at Monarch Dental are done in-house, creating unique financial terms dependent on the patient and the care they are receiving. Using payment plans like these take the type of treatment or dental procedure you need to help tailor a payment plan to your financial preferences. Not every patient has the same budget or financial preferences, nor do they need the same treatment. Because of this, payment plans through dental financing provide patients with more choice and access when it comes to seeking emergency dental care when they need it most.

Payment plans work for patients with or without dental insurance, as they provide the option to pay the remainder of their statement in smaller installments rather than all at once. They also work for patients that are paying out of pocket and prefer to spread out what’s due over a course of predetermined time. Others prefer the terms outlined in a payment plan over other lines of payment. Whichever your preferences are, be sure to discuss your options with your emergency dentist if you are concerned about the cost of treatment. It’s a good idea to go over what your emergency care will entail to determine what will serve as priority.

At Monarch Dental, some of our payment plans include:

    1. A payment plan with no money down and no interest for patients looking to get treatment without paying at their appointment. This option gives some flexibility on behalf of the patient to pay for their statement over a course of time at no interest. Provided to patients upon approved credit only.


    1. A payment plan with low money down and no interest for patients that want to lower their monthly installments and get approved with a valid ID and a credit or debit card upon application. Putting a set amount of money towards your overall statement can give you access to a financial plan that allows you to pay a set amount with no accrued interest.


  1. A payment plan with extended terms at 14.9% interest rate. Sometimes, emergency dental care can entail a bit more procedures than you initially thought. Using this plan, you can undergo the necessary procedures to make sure you have a healthy smile, while opting for a payment plan that has extended terms. Patients can choose for terms based on 24, 36, and 48 month plans at a 14.9% interest rate. Patients must be approved to be granted this payment plan.

Dentist Near Me in Dallas

If you’re in the Dallas area and need immediate emergency dental care, you can easily pull up our dentist near me search tool to find the nearest Monarch Dental location. We have flexible emergency hours for walk-in appointments for emergencies that can’t wait. For scheduling, patients can do so online or by calling us directly at 1-844-800-7645 with any questions about their dental issue or financial concerns. Using a payment plan, taking care of yourself has never been easier. Don’t leave your smile at risk by not seeking emergency dental care if you feel you are in need, we’re just a phone call away!