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San Antonio Dentist: Cosmetic Payment Plans

Thursday - March 8th, 2018
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Cosmetic dental care: it’s a facet of dental work many of us desire, but don’t plan for financially. Many patients often feel restricted from attaining the cosmetic dental work they want due to financial concerns. Part of this is due to the fact that many dental insurance providers don’t cover cosmetic dental work, as it isn’t seen part of preventative care. However, with financing plans found at your San Antonio dentist with Monarch Dental, cosmetic dental work isn’t only a dream, it can be your reality. We have a “dentist near me” zip code search tool patients can use to find an office nearest them. From there, our qualified dentists can go over the types of cosmetic dental work you’re looking for as well as payment plans to help get you there.

Cosmetic dental care is much like an umbrella, covering many aspects of dental care patients routinely visit their dentist for. In many cases, patients undergo dental work that leads to the need for cosmetic dental care. One example of this involves a dental emergency, requiring a root canal and dental crown to alleviate a cracked tooth. In some cases, patients may prefer to have a veneer placed over the damaged tooth to restore the same appearance they once had. In other cases, patients would like to whiten their teeth, but aren’t sure the best financial way to go about it. At Monarch Dental, there are a few payment plans patients can look to in covering the cost of their cosmetic dental care.

Cost of Cosmetic Dental Care

The cost of what you’ll pay for cosmetic dental work will ultimately depend on the type of cosmetic treatment you’re receiving. This can vary greatly between a full set of veneers or simple teeth whitening. Once you’ve decided what kind of cosmetic dental care is appropriate for your needs, pricing can vary across geographic regions and dental offices. Here is an overview of what you’re likely to spend, depending on the type of treatment you need:


Veneers are very thin sheaths of porcelain or composite resin that are custom-made to cover the front of your tooth. Veneers can be used to fix many dental issues, including discolored, misaligned, or gapped teeth. They can also be used to enhance the appearance of your smile permanently. Veneers are an irreversible treatment, so it’s important to go over all your options with your dentist before investing in veneers. They can be used to treat one tooth, or your entire mouth, depending on your needs. This can factor into the amount you’ll pay for veneers. Whether you choose one tooth, or more, or porcelain or composite resin, veneers can range between $800 and $2,000 per tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening performed by a professional dentist is the best way to ensure you get the most dramatic results in the least amount of time, without damaging the enamel on your teeth. Teeth whitening is a great option for patients looking to transform the color and brightness of their smile in an affordable way. At your San Antonio Monarch Dental office, we provide both in-office and at-home teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening prices can range anywhere from $450 to $650 for in-office treatments, and $250 to $400 for at-home treatments


Bonding is a cosmetic treatment that can also merge into other treatments, such as preparing a chipped tooth. If you are undergoing a bonding treatment, as your dental insurance provider if your case warrants full or partial coverage. In cosmetic circumstances, bonding can be used similarly to veneers in filling gaps between teeth, filling a chipped tooth, or lengthening the appearance of short teeth. Using a tooth-colored composite resin material, your dentist will mold and shape the bonding material to your natural tooth. This will help transform the appearance of your teeth, seamlessly matching your natural tooth with the bonding material. Bonding ranges in cost, around $300 to $600 per tooth.

Dental Insurance for Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to cosmetic dental work, using your dental insurance can be tricky. Most dental insurance plans see cosmetic dentistry outside of preventative care. Because most procedures are elective and decided at the discretion of the patient, many insurance policies won’t cover the cost of care. However, if you are repairing a tooth that’s been chipped, you can see how your dental insurance provider will respond in recompensation. Monarch Dental offices accept most dental insurance plans. We suggest that you call one of our San Antonio offices to confirm your dental insurance provider, and we can help you schedule an appointment from there. We also offer other dental payment options if you are struggling to have coverage with your dental insurance provider, or simply don’t have dental insurance. Either way, we make sure there’s flexibility in financial choice when it comes to care.

Dental Financing with Payment Plans

Especially with cosmetic dental care, many patients refrain from seeking out a proper dentist. They’ll go to cheaper options like teeth whitening via over-the-counter products. However, much of this can do more harm than good, and in many cases patients ending up paying more in the long run repairing issues incurred from improper care. Monarch Dental has started to provide their patients with dental financing through payment plans to eliminate this dilemma. Everyone should have access to quality, affordable care – whether that’s whitening your teeth or repairing a chipped tooth. Payment plans allow patients to get the care they want or need, without having to wait to receive it. These plans are designed with your preferences in mind, giving flexibility back to the patient and their care provider.

Low down payment and no interest

This plan allows patients to put a small amount towards their overall bill, and accrue no interest in their payments moving forward. When you schedule your appointment, just bring a valid ID and your credit or debit card with you to the appointment.

No money down and no interest

If you simply want treatment without having to put any amount down towards your bill, you can opt for this plan. It is granted to patients upon approved credit, so necessary restrictions may apply. You can look forward to straightforward care in using this plan.

Extended terms for up to 48 months

With a 14.9% promotional interest rate, patients can extend their payments between 24, 36, or 48 months. This option is great for cosmetic dental work that is a bit more expensive, as payments can have smaller installments over a longer period of time.

Dental Coupons and Promotions

A nice aspect of cosmetic dental care is that many dental office provide new and existing patients with promotional coupons and offers. Using a coupon or offer can save patients hundreds in savings. When coupled with payment plans, they make for an ideal financial situation patients can take advantage of. At participating Monarch Dental locations, patients can view offers on dental service, including cosmetic care, oral exams and x-rays, and event orthodontic treatment specials. We give patients the option to use a locator tool at finding coupons in their San Antonio region, or to sign up for our newsletters where we send the savings straight to your inbox.

Dentist Near Me in San Antonio

How can you start taking advantage of dental financing for your smile dreams? Use our “dentist near me” zip code search tool. If you are struggling to find an office that accepts your insurance provider, you can call us directly at [phone] and our staff can help guide you through the process before you schedule an appointment. If you’re in the need of cosmetic dental care like teeth whitening, veneers, or bonding, our dentist’s will help with a consultation to figure out what treatment option will provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Before you schedule an appointment, our staff can go over any questions you have about treatment, prices, as well as payment options. A further consultation may be necessary to pinpoint exactly what you’ll need to pay, as prices can often depend on the needs of the patient.