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Five Reasons You Should Get Braces As An Adult

Monday - April 2nd, 2018
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1. It’s not as embarrassing as you think.

With new options like clear aligners, the process of straightening your teeth is much more discreet than it use to be and you can even remove your aligner for special events (#datenight)

2. It’s more affordable.

There are many financing options available and sometimes you have to ask “What’s more important to me in the long run? A new pair of shoes or a great smile?”

3. It’s faster.

Technology has sped up just about everything (including our attention spans), and the same holds true for orthodontics. You can get an in-office scan and immediately see a rendering of how your appearance will improve, receive your custom trays within a week, and your treatment time will be about half as long as it was previously.

4. It’s not just about keeping up appearances.

Straight teeth improve the function of your mouth, can relieve pain, and treat other oral issues like crowding.

5. You won’t be alone.

27 percent of all orthodontic patients are now over 18 years old, with a 40 percent increase in adults getting treatment since 2004.