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Oral Health Tips for Summer

Friday - May 26th, 2017
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School is coming to a close, responsibilities are being lifted, but there’s one thing that should always be kept up, no mater what time of year it is. Oral health is important for overall health, and during the summer, where there will be a number of birthday parties and backyard barbeques, it can be easy to gravitate toward the sweeter snacks and drinks. Here are a few ways to keep your kid’s teeth in top shape, even with some summer indulgences.


One of the most common and refreshing drinks of the summer is lemonade. While the acid can be good to remove bad bacteria from your child’s mouth, prolonged exposure to acid can wear down tooth enamel. It’s a good idea to keep a stocked kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables, which can cut down on the less healthy snack options. Make sure everything is washed and ready to go so you can rest easy knowing that your kids are making better choices for their oral and overall health. Another good idea is to swap out cans of soda and other sugary soft drinks with bottled water.


Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is the best way to ensure oral health during the summer months when sweets and sugary beverages are constantly on the menu. With vacations, camping trips, and other summer fun, these two preventative measures may be forgotten, so as parents, it’s important to give a friendly reminder to your kids to do this twice a day. Another great idea is to replace your child’s toothbrush and stock up on extras for any summer trips you may have planned.


Summer hours are much better for scheduling checkups, as your kids won’t be missing school to take care of their oral health. You want to retain a clean bill of health through the summer months when it’s more difficult to manage healthy habits. It’s also the perfect time to implement any changes that need to be made if your child didn’t have a good checkup. Dentists may recommend staying away from specific foods and drinks, brushing or flossing more, or adding an additional step to your child’s oral care routine.

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