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Monarch Dental Wants You to Give Back This Holiday Season

Tuesday - December 4th, 2018
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As we review the past year and look forward to 2019, here at Monarch Dental, we have much to be thankful for, including our wonderful patients and dedicated teams of oral health professionals.

This year, Monarch Dental was proud to host three of the 20 Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s Day of Giving events. Teams in Burleson, Texas; Lewisville, Texas; and Fort Smith, Arkansas came together to offer low income and underinsured members of the community the opportunity to receive free dental services.

The first of Monarch Dental’s days of giving kicked off in Burleson, Texas in April where a whopping 108 patients received over $120,000 in dental care!

Lewisville’s September Day of Giving served 60 patients from organizations in the North Texas area providing food and support services for homeless adults and at-risk youth.

In October, Fort Smith’s Monarch Dental office serviced 60 patients from local nonprofits in Fort Smith. For this Day of Giving, Smiles for Everyone partnered with Charlotte Tidwell of Antioch Family Youth. One-in-five people in these communities are food insecure, making the work of the foundation even more impactful. Four patients from this day of giving were gifted free Smile Makeovers from the foundation.

To learn more about stories from these Day of Giving events, visit Smiles for Everyone Foundation’s blog.

We encourage you to take the foundation’s lead this holiday season and give back to individuals in your community. This time of year, many nonprofit organizations are looking for donations and winter essentials for those in need. What better way to celebrate the season of giving than hosting a care kit-making party with friends and family?

Start your care kit with a bag — a gallon Ziplock will do just fine, but a non-disposable bag is ideal. Felt holiday stockings would also make for a festive touch. Here’s a list of winter essentials to get your planning started:

This project doesn’t have to break the bank. Scope out deals for these items at grocery and superstores in your local newspaper. Use travel sized toiletry items that you’ve snagged from hotel stays over the years- we know you have a stock pile somewhere at home. Hit up bargain markets and dollar stores. Plus, assigning one person (or family) to each item on the list, you can maximize the number of kits prepared, time spent shopping and the amount of money one person might spend on all these items.

Host your care kit party by stoking the fire, turning up the holiday carols, and clearing space for an assembly line to fill each bag. Not only will you complete the kits in short timeframe, you’ll have ample time to spend with your guests.

At Monarch Dental, we’re inspired by the Smiles for Everyone Foundation and their initiatives. If you’d like to learn more, read here.

Happy holidays from all of us at Monarch Dental!