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Just in Time for Gift-giving Season — We Checked Out the Internet’s Favorite Electric Toothbrush and Here’s What We Found

Friday - November 30th, 2018
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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Throughout the year, we’ve been keeping on top of many oral hygiene trends – from activated charcoal toothpaste to powerful teeth-whitening powder. But one product that really got the Internet buzzing was the Quip electric toothbrush. You might have seen the ads for Quip on Instagram and Twitter. Or maybe you spotted a story on Buzzfeed. Media were calling it the “iPhone of toothbrushes.” If you’re curious whether this might be the perfect gift for that gadget-crazy loved one, read on.

Quip has a clean, modern look. Starting at $25 ($40 if you want to spring for the chic metallic finish) you’ll get the Quip electric toothbrush, a travel counter mount, a large toothpaste and a travel toothpaste. The subscription model delivers brush heads every three months, along with batteries and more toothpaste.

Quip also has a two- minute feature and vibrates every 30 seconds to let you know that you have completed 30 seconds of brushing your teeth.

We found several reviews by journalists and bloggers who had taken Quip for a spin. In this Men’s Health article, the reviewer called it the “best electric toothbrush out there.” This fall, Quip started selling offline, too, at Target stores.

Ultimately, we’ll leave the decision up to you whether Quip is right for the people on your gift list. However, we do love the idea of any gift that gets people brushing more frequently and paying closer attention to their oral health. In the end, these are the type of gifts that get people one step closer to being ready for their dental check-ups in the new year.