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Gum and Your Breath

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Have you ever wondered if your gum is actually helping your bad breath?

Well, the truth is that some flavors might actually be more effective than others. Flavors with oils that fight germs and help reduce the odor-causers rather than masking it. The best flavors to have on hand are:

Cinnamon flavored chewing gum is especially effective because cinnamon oil is a powerful germ killer. Mint is another flavor that helps beat bad breath. The cool, fresh flavor helps to stimulate saliva production while also curbing the odor.

Citrus flavored gum is also a strong option. The juicy flavors will help saliva production and because of the unique flavor, it won’t add to the bad smell, but rather counteract it.

Other than helping freshen your breath, chewing gum is also said to help:

Strengthen your jaw
Whiten your teeth
Clean your teeth
Aid digestion
Reduce sugar cravings
With memory and cognitive performance
Reduce stress

Happy chewing!