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5 Fun Big Game Party Ideas

Monday - January 30th, 2017
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There are four main reasons people get excited about The Big Game: the actual game, the commercials, all the amazing food, and the party!

If you’re not too interested in the game, try out these five DIYs perfect for that special Sunday. These fun crafts can help make any Big Game party a touchdown for everyone!

1. Photo Booth Props
Nothing gets the party going quite like a perfect Instagram photo-op! Use construction paper to make fun glasses and other football themed props and attach them to wooden sticks for the perfect photo booth. Guests will have a fun time taking pictures and posting to their social media!

2. Commercial Bingo
Create your own Bingo cards to make the commercials even more fun! Check the Internet a few days before to see previews of the ads expected to run. Make the squares based on various commercial types and expected characters and boom, got yourself Big Game Bingo.

3. Use Yellow Napkins as Penalty Flags
Put out yellow napkins in a bucket with a sign that says “Penalty Flags” on it. Anytime someone spills, has food on their face or talks too loudly over the commercials, throw a “Penalty Flag” napkin at them!

4. Serve Snacks in Festive Paper Sacks
Make your guests feel like they are in the stands on game day with these fun football snack sacks. Buy brown paper lunch bags and white craft tape to create football laces. Fill with your favorite game day munchies and you enjoy!

5. Make Your Own Mini Football Garland

With some string and a little creativity you can create football themed garland to jazz up your snack table. This fun and easy decoration idea will get your party guests in the zone!

With a little creativity and DIY spirit, you can make your Big Game bash a party that everyone will ooh and aww over!

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