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Brushing Incentives For Kids

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Getting kids to brush their teeth can be as much of a chore for parents as it is for the kids. An easy way to encourage children to brush is to offer healthy and fun incentives. An easy way to do this is to create an oral health chart.

For every time your child brushes their teeth without having to be reminded, they get a sticker on their chart. Let them choose the sticker and place it on the chart. It creates a feeling of ownership within your child and encourages responsibility. When your child has acquired enough stickers, award them with a prize or a special activity. Here are some examples of prizes that will get your kids excited to start brushing on their own.

Use healthy, special snacks as rewards. These can be as simple as sugar free fruit snacks to a trip to the frozen yogurt stand. The key is to make it something that your child would only get if they brushed their teeth.

Take them on a trip to the dollar store and let them pick out a toy. If you are afraid of creating a potential temper tantrum episode, have a special toy basket that they can choose a toy from.

Go on a trip to a fun location, like the park or the zoo. If you are able to have a location that is reserved to visit only on occasions when the healthy tooth chart has been completed will start your child associating healthy teeth with fun.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to stay persistent in your efforts to get your kids to brush. Good oral health reflects good overall health, and learning how to keep teeth clean is an important lesson to learn for both kids and parents alike.