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What’s Affecting Your Smile?

Tuesday - April 24th, 2018
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Ladies, this week is all about you! In honor of National Women’s Health Week (May 13 – 20), we’re sharing some surprising information specific to your health (oral and otherwise).

#Didyouknow that as many as two in five pregnant women have gum disease?

During pregnancy, hormone levels are known to fluctuate, leading to swollen, irritated gums. For pregnant women with gum disease, allowing plaque to build up around the teeth causes systemic inflammation and puts the fetus at risk for premature delivery.

#Didyouknow that poor oral hygiene can lead to heart disease?

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. Inflamed gums allow bacteria and toxins to spread throughout the body and trigger even more inflammation, which may cause damage to the heart’s blood vessels.

#Didyouknow where you are in your life cycle could have a huge effect on the state of your oral health?

Pregnant women or those using birth control sometimes experience soreness in their mouths. This is a result of changes in the body’s estrogen and progesterone levels.

During menopause, the decrease of estrogen can lead to a number of oral changes, including dry mouth, redness, and soreness. Dry mouth occurs from a decrease in saliva production, which can contribute to plaque build up and eventually gum disease.

#Didyouknow you have control over gum disease?

Simply practicing good lifestyle habits like avoiding smoking, heavy drinking, and extreme dieting, in addition to brushing and flossing daily will keep your gums healthy.

It’s clear that brushing and flossing aren’t only good oral hygiene, but imperative overall hygiene, so be informed, and share this information with a woman in your life.