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Top 4 Affordable Dental Braces from Houston Orthodontist

Thursday - October 5th, 2017
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When looking for the right orthodontist, you want a Houston-based one that’s reliable, has the right qualifications to apply your braces, and can provide you with professional results. Add in the requirement of affordability, and searching for an orthodontist near me can seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you’ve been considering getting braces or Invisalign for a while, use our orthodontist near me locator and you’ll find several Monarch Dental offices in your area with orthodontists that provide affordable braces with astounding results. You can have a beautiful, straight smile without the hefty price tag. Check out these top 4 affordable braces from a Houston orthodontist near you:

Why Braces?

There are all kinds of reasons why you may be considering getting orthodontic treatment. Perhaps you have a big day to look forward to – a wedding, a graduation, a speech. In these big life events, it can be important to have a great sense of self-confidence. Your smile is something that expresses these positive life moments, while also being something you take with you for the rest of your life. Perhaps you’ve already had braces in your teens and have found your teeth have shifted back over time into your adulthood. In this case, small corrections may be needed to bring your straight smile back. Another reason people choose braces is purely for boosting oral health. Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean and healthy, keeping the longevity of your smile good for years to come. Whatever your reason, at Monarch Dental we never want cost to hold you back from reaching your smile dreams. You can find affordable braces depending on your needs, and knowing what’s out there is just the first step towards smiling success.

Types of Affordable Braces

1. Metal Braces

This type of orthodontic treatment is what most people tend to think of when they think of getting their teeth straightened. Luckily, this option is generally the most affordable, making straight teeth financially accessible. Metal braces tend to be the most visible, as the brackets and wires used are made of stainless steel. These brackets are glued to the enamel of each tooth, and a thin wire is strung between them. At appointments with your orthodontist, they will shift the way the wire is pressuring your teeth, gradually moving them into a new, straight position over time. Rubber bands are sometimes also used in this process to move the alignment of your jaw or teeth. These bands can be placed on the bracket in various ways to move the teeth.

An issue some patients have with metal braces is that they can be irritating to your cheeks and tongue, as the surface of the brackets is much harder. There are dental waxes that can be placed over the brackets to help reduce this type of irritation. With metal braces, patients must be aware of what they are eating. Certain types of foods, including anything sticky that can pull the brackets or wires should be avoided. This includes foods like hard candy, gum, or caramel. When eating harder foods like popcorn or braces, be aware of how they are pushing on the wires and brackets of your teeth. If you are ever questioning what you should or should not eat, give you orthodontist a call.

2. Lingual Braces

An option most people haven’t heard of are lingual braces. This type of orthodontic treatment involves a wire and bond behind your teeth. Lingual braces can be a great option for patients seeking treatment that’s a bit more discreet. This can be great for either adults or teens looking to straighten their teeth without having a mouth full of metal (secretly!). Because a customized bond is used behind the tooth, the process can be a bit more costly than other options. Finding a skilled orthodontist is key, as most orthodontists may not even offer lingual braces. When you perform an orthodontist near me search, it’s always good to call and see if the orthodontists in your area have the skill to perform lingual braces. You’ll want a qualified orthodontist to provide you with the right care, as this is a more specialized form of braces.

Lingual braces can potentially cause speech problems and injuries, as they are in direct conflict with your tongue. People with very small teeth may not be able to use lingual braces as an orthodontic treatment option. Any concerns you may have about lingual braces should be addressed with a highly skilled orthodontist.

3. Ceramic Braces

Another discreet option are ceramic braces! These braces are similar to metal braces, but the brackets are made of ceramic rather than stainless steel. This does two things: blends in with tooth enamel and reduces sores and irritation. There are also rubber bands used to move teeth into different positions, but can be white or clear elastic to minimize the appearance of them. With these bands, patients should be careful about staining them, as foods like tomatoes or coffee can discolor them fairly easily.

When looking at cost, they are a bit more expensive than traditional metal braces. This is because the brackets themselves can ship a bit easier than metal. The installation and maintenance of braces requires a bit more skill from an orthodontist and can increase the overall time you wear them.

4. Invisalign

Probably one of the most popular options people lean to for straighter teeth is Invisalign! Invisalign is a great option for some patients because it uses a clear, BPA-free plastic aligner to gradually shift teeth over time. This aligner is virtually invisible, so patients can straighten their teeth day in and day out without many people even noticing they have anything on. This can be great for any age, but especially adults who have held back from straightening teeth because they didn’t want to have braces in their profession or everyday life.

This technology is constantly evolving and innovating, and treatment times are much quicker than they once were. Aligners can be changed more frequently, which allows patients to see results much quicker, reducing overall treatment time and thus, overall cost. Compared to other clear aligners, Invisalign has millions of patients with success stories and is always improving their technology to give you great results in one shot.

Not all patients qualify for Invisalign, as the aligners will not work with more complex dental issues. However, you can set up a consultation by searching for a dentist near me and find results for various orthodontic treatment options. Many offices in your area offer Invisalign, and depending on the office, you may be qualified for special offers or payment plans.

Cost of Affordable Braces

Understandably, the cost of a straight smile can be daunting. However, it doesn’t always need to be. Many Monarch Dental offices in your Houston neighborhood offer various ways to make getting a new smile completely attainable. We offer several payment plans, if you’d like to manage the financial cost of braces in bite-size pieces. Our payment plans can come with no interest, and extended options to work with you and your financial needs. You may also be surprised to find that we accept most insurance plans. Always ask your orthodontist if your particular insurance plan will cover the treatment option you’re looking for.

One great way to attain that beautiful new smile is to ask about special offers. Depending on the office location near you, certain Monarch Dental offices have ongoing promotions and offers. The majority of these include options for straightening your teeth with Invisalign. These offers can greatly reduce the overall cost you would pay for affordable braces, and can open the options you’ll consider.

Orthodontist Near Me

With so many Monarch Dental offices to choose from, you’ll be happy knowing we staff the best dentists and orthodontists in your neighborhood. Especially when it comes to your smile, we make sure your orthodontic treatment is handled by a highly skilled orthodontist who will know what treatment option is best for you. Be sure to discuss all affordable braces with your orthodontist, guided by the state of your teeth and your preferences. You can search for an “orthodontist near me” to find our offices and book online, or calling at 1-844-800-7645 to schedule a consultation. This consultation is just the first step towards a new sense of confidence and a healthy smile that’ll last a lifetime!