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7 Tips to Stay Sane While Flying This Thanksgiving

Monday - October 31st, 2016
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We all know that traveling during the holidays is difficult. Flying for the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the worst combinations possible. We can’t magically make crowds disappear as you travel to give thanks, so we brought you the next best thing.

Here are 7 tested methods to survive the pains associated with Thanksgiving.

1. Pack Lightly
Remember, you will only be gone for a matter of days. You do not need a 10th option. Packing light can also help you avoid baggage fees and the dreaded holiday baggage claim. If for whatever reason you do need to check a bag, keep all necessities in your carry-on in case your bag is lost.

2. Be Charged
Yes, you should be physically and mentally charged, but we mean your phone and/or device! It’s a lot easier to charge up at home than fight over that one outlet at your shared gate. Make sure you’ve packed your charging cables for your trip and the off chance your airline seat has a plug.

3. Check In
Even if you don’t have the capability to print your boarding pass before you arrive, checking in beforehand saves time, stress and sometimes even fees! Most airlines will allow you to check in online 24 hours in advance to secure your place on the flight. Trust us, this is important and so easy!

4. Snacks Will Save You
Did you feel good when you bought that $7 cookie last time you were at the airport? How about that $5 water bottle? No, we didn’t think so! You can bring your own snacks, pay a regular price, and even bring a healthy option that the snack bar, or airline doesn’t offer. You can’t bring liquids through security, but you can pack an empty water bottle and take advantage of the fountains around the terminal.

5. Check Liquids
Do you know the TSA 3-1-1 rule? All carry-on liquids must be in 3.4 ounce containers or less, and fit into a single 1-quart baggie. If you need your large can of hairspray, or special lotion, either plan to buy it at your destination or take the chance of checking a bag.

6. Delays Are Likely
With the holidays comes HOLY-delays!
Remember to check your airline’s website, app, or gate. If a delay occurs, your airline is often the best contact. Check for waived fees, ticket reimbursements, or airline hotels.

7. Attitude is Everything
At the end of the day, everyone is trying to go home. Thanksgiving is about joining family and friends over a delicious meal and giving thanks for the love and support we have for one another. Thanksgiving is not about taking your frustration out on a fellow traveler. When traveling, try to remember the reason for the season, take deep breaths, and be kind.