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3 Tips for Teaching Kids to Take Care of Their Teeth

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Like taking a bath or eating their veggies, motivating little ones to brush their teeth can be a challenge.

Many parents love using the Tooth Fairy for extra help and encouragement. Here are three fun ways to incorporate the Tooth Fairy when teaching kids to take care of their teeth.

  1. Start early: Although kids wont start losing their teeth until around age six, teach them about the Tooth Fairy before then. Letting them know there’s a cash reward for each tooth gives them extra incentive to take care of their teeth.
  2. Teach about cavities: When introducing the concept of the Tooth Fairy, you can also teach kids about the bad bacteria in the mouth that causes holes in their teeth. You can also use child-friendly terms, like mouth monsters or sugar bugs and talk about how to defeat them by brushing everyday. Remind them that the Tooth Fairy doesn’t like teeth with holes in them.
  3. Make it fun: Use arts and crafts to help children visualize how to brush properly for the Tooth Fairy. Cut out a large tooth from construction paper and have your kids paint it. Tell them that they use the same motions when they brush their real teeth, and it’s important to paint or brush every part of the tooth to protect it.