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The Best Halloween Treats to Eat

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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It’s hard to avoid Halloween candy this time of year, there are a few better options to choose instead. Try these easy swaps that still feel a treat, but keep your well being in mind too.

Skip: Hard, gummy or sour candies. These are the worst for your mouth and teeth, plus they tend to be loaded with unhealthy artificial colors and flavors.

Pick: Candies with simple ingredients and natural foods. Treats like nuts and fruits covered in chocolate or yogurt are a better option.

Skip: Candied apples. The sticky caramel is a big oral health headache. Not only can hard caramel chip or break teeth, but the stickiness makes it cling to teeth and promote cavities.

Pick: Monster mouths made of apples. They take a little preparation, but they’re worth it for the health benefits and the adorable factor. Simply cut a green apple into 10-12 slices. Take two slices and slather peanut butter on one side of each. Then stick whole peanuts in the peanut butter between the two slices so they look like ghoulish teeth.

Skip: Popcorn balls. These treats may appear healthy at first, but most are loaded with corn syrup. Plus, store-bought ones can be hard as a rock, which could do some real dental damage.

Pick: Lightly sweetened kettle corn. Simply air pop your popcorn, add a little butter, a little sugar and salt, and you have a much healthier popcorn snack.