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Read This Before Whitening Your Teeth at Home

Whitening your teeth has never been more convenient – especially since it can be done at home. Before starting, read our dos and don’ts for at-home teeth whitening. We want your teeth to shine while making sure it’s still healthy and strong. Do: Ask Your Dentist | Don’t: Expect Instant Results Before beginning any whitening…

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What Do Lemon Water, Metal Straws And Baking Soda Have In Common? You’ll Never Guess!

Bright, white teeth are beautiful and give many of us confidence in our smiles. So how do you keep your teeth shining without skipping your favorite staining beverages (hello, evening glass of Cab and morning espresso)? 1. Metal straws are your friend (and the environment’s too)! Straws help protect your teeth from staining molecules, and…

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5 Natural Teeth Whiteners for ‘Natural’ Holiday Photos

Most photos you see in magazines and tabloids are retouched. Not all celebrities have the bright white smiles that you see in the media. We know that you may not have a professional photo stylist or editor to fix your stained teeth this holiday photo season. That’s why we’ve brought you six natural home remedies…

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