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5 Natural Teeth Whiteners for ‘Natural’ Holiday Photos

Monday - November 21st, 2016
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Most photos you see in magazines and tabloids are retouched. Not all celebrities have the bright white smiles that you see in the media. We know that you may not have a professional photo stylist or editor to fix your stained teeth this holiday photo season.

That’s why we’ve brought you six natural home remedies for white teeth that will make you proud to unveil your beautiful smile. Find these in your pantry, refrigerator, or local grocery store.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
You’ve got a month until Christmas, so get started on this if Apple Cider Vinegar is your method of choice. This is a natural gum cleaner that will also remove stains on your teeth, but these results may not show until a month of continuous use. Just simply brush with Apple Cider Vinegar and then brush again with regular toothpaste or rinse your mouth to remove the ACV acids that can remove enamel.

2. Coconut Oil
We recently wrote about the multiple oral benefits of coconut oil, but we wanted to repeat it again because it is SO useful. To coconut oil pull, place a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it for 5-20 minutes. You can also brush with this magical oil as it’s great for gum health.

3. Strawberries
Who knew that these delicious berries can be used for more than natural sugar and a happy tongue? It’s touted by Catherine Zeta Jones and Tyra Banks, while others instruct a simple rub and rinse technique. At the minimum, you’ve still got a tasty treat!

4. Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda
One of the most tested methods of teeth whitening is a simple mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to make a small paste. But make sure you use enough hydrogen peroxide so that the paste is not gritty – if your mixture is too rough, it can scrub off your enamel!

5. Brushing!
As a first and last resort, brush your teeth! This is the best method for healthy, white teeth. Each time you skip or forget to brush, you are leaving a layer of stains that might make it into the family photo album.