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Posts Tagged ‘oral’

Which Clear Aligners are Best?

A straight, healthy smile is more than just your best feature—it may also be your most important. Proper alignment, or occlusion, of your teeth and jaws is critical to the long-term functioning of your teeth, jaws, and mouth, as well as to your overall health. Misaligned teeth and jaws can lead to problems like uneven…

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Marijuana Use and Oral Health Effects

Is smoking marijuana ruining your smile? Now that marijuana is legal in many states for recreational or medicinal purposes (or both) we will soon be able to conduct more comprehensive studies on the true oral health effects of cannabis use. What we understand so far about the oral health effects of smoking cannabis is based…

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Is Vaping Bad for Your Teeth?

Research is discovering that not only is vaping bad for your respiratory health but it also has negative effects on your oral health and it speeds up tooth decay. Although vaping (e-cigarettes in particular) was once considered a safer alternative to traditional tobacco use and helpful for quitting tobacco, there has been a surge of…

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Oral Health Tips for Summer

School is coming to a close, responsibilities are being lifted, but there’s one thing that should always be kept up, no mater what time of year it is. Oral health is important for overall health, and during the summer, where there will be a number of birthday parties and backyard barbeques, it can be easy…

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