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10 Super Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Monday - May 8th, 2017
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When it comes to Mother’s Day, giving her a gift that is not only from the heart, but made by hand shows just how much you’re thinking of her.

No matter how old your children are, coming up with the perfect DIY present can be easy! From crafting and potted plants to cupcakes and bouquets, find the right gift to give to Mom this Mother’s Day!


Move away from the traditional bouquet of flowers and give Mom something that will not only last longer than a few days, but will look great anywhere in the house or at the office. Grab a few mini succulents and replant them in a larger pot for a customized arrangement!

Does mom have a sweet tooth? Create a cupcake bouquet! You choose the frosting, the cake, and combine it all together in a small pot that she can reuse once all the cupcakes are gone!

For a gift she’s sure to never expect, make her a unique candle inside an antique teacup! It’s easy to mix the wax and scent, and once the candle sets, it’s a gift that will keep her smiling every time she lights it.

Give Mom an incentive to take a relaxing bubble bath at the end of the day! Homemade bath bombs are super easy, and let you choose the perfect scent to help Mom relax!

Looking for something a little more personal to give Mom this Mother’s Day? Create a flipbook filled with all the reasons why she’s the best mom ever!

Moms on the go are always running out of places to put things! Make her life easier by giving her a custom-dyed tote bag. Perfect for shopping or hitting the park, she’ll smile every time she uses it.

If flowers are your mom’s favorite, create a custom photo vase. All you need is a picture, some paint, flowers, and a mason jar. Within minutes, you’ll have a vase that she’ll love to use over and over!


Whether your mom is a coffee or tea drinker, customized mugs are a way to show her how much you love her. Grab some puffy paint or acrylic paint, write your note, and you’re done!

Moms love to give hugs, and sometimes you might not be around. The hug pillow is the perfect gift! Trace and cut out felt arms, hot glue them to a pillow, and you’ve created a gift that will keep on giving!

Does your mom love chocolate? Make her a handcrafted box filled with her favorite chocolate treats!

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