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Summertime Exercise Swaps to Do Outside

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Once you’ve gotten into the swing of an exercise routine, it can be tough to think of ways to switch it up. But when the summer sunshine beckons you outside, it’s fun to change your normal workout to incorporate ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Try a fun runs instead of the treadmill. If you’re used to running on a treadmill, try running outside instead. If you’d prefer some company, look for a running group to join. During the summer months, there are also many fun runs, which are smaller 5k or 10k runs. This is a fun and communal way to exercise and also enjoy the warm weather.

Try tennis. Tennis can be a fun way to get outside and also work your muscles. Don’t have a partner? Need to brush up your skills? Many courts offer tennis lessons for all skill levels. This is a great way to burn calories, make friends, and get outside.

Try an outdoor boot camp instead of the gym. If you take group classes at the gym, look for an outdoor boot camp or yoga class to try instead. Many people take advantage of parks to teach and practice fitness. Look online, or simply take a stroll through your nearest park, to find a group to join.