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3 Steps to a Back-to-School Brushing Routine

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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As the first day of a new school year approaches, it’s time to get everyone back into their daily routines. Make sure teeth brushing is in the routine, too! Here’s how to help your family squeeze dental care into their busy schedules.

Step 1: In the morning

Nail down a morning routine for this hectic time of waking up, eating, and getting out the door. Many people find it easier to have kids brush right after waking up. Brushing after breakfast is okay, but make sure to wait about 30 minutes after having orange juice or other acidic foods or drinks. Acidity softens tooth enamel, and brushing right after consuming it may cause erosion. Either way, a morning routine makes it easy for kids to do it on autopilot.

Step 2: Save flossing for later.

Flossing takes time and patience so it might be best to incorporate flossing into your kid’s nighttime routine rather than trying to rush through it in the morning.

Step 3: At nighttime

Make sure your kids go to bed around the same time each night so they get enough sleep for their age range. According to the Sleep Foundation, ages 1-3 need 12 to 14 hours of sleep, ages 3-5 need 11 to 13 hours, and ages 5-12 need 10 to 11 hours. Right before they hop into bed, make sure they’re brushing for two full minutes and remembering to floss.