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Start 2017 Right with These Helpful Tips

Friday - December 23rd, 2016
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New Year’s is right around the corner, which means holiday overindulgence is over!

Time to get back on track and refocus those fitness goals! Here are 4 helpful tips for a healthy 2017!

1. Fitness Routine: It is important to stay active and exercise at least 3 hours per week. Whether it be a trip to the gym, a yoga class or simply walking the dog, plan your weekly workout sessions and develop a routine.

2. Portion Control: Portion control is key in reversing holiday overindulgence and maintaining a healthy weight all year long. A tip for exercising portion control: take snacks like chips or crackers out of the bag and put them on a plate, so you can visually see how many you’re eating.

3. If You Must Drink, Drink Wisely: Alcohol is a diet killer. And during the holidays your cup may have runneth over, so it’s time to get back on track! Cut back your alcohol consumption all together. If you do decide to drink alcohol, choose drinks that are not loaded with sugar! Most importantly, stay hydrated and drink water in between alcoholic beverages.

4. Stay Positive: Don’t be too hard on yourself if you treated yourself to one too many holiday desserts. If you’ve fallen off track, don’t be discouraged. Get a fitness routine, practice that portion control and stay positive!

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