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Oral Benefits of Oil Pulling

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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If you check out any lifestyle blog or magazine, chances are you’ve heard of Oil Pulling.

The popular health fad entails swishing around a spoonful of oil for 20 minutes, preferably in the morning, as a holistic remedy to extract bacteria. Reported benefits include relief for ailments such as headaches, asthma, arthritis and skin conditions.

Additionally, there are hundreds of testimonials of people who oil pull for oral benefits, including detoxifying teeth and gums, as well as improving gums and making teeth whiter however scientific research has not been conducted to validate these claims.

Here’s how to do oil pulling:

1. Put 1-2 teaspoons of oil into the mouth. Coconut oil is recommended.
2. Swish for 20 minutes. The oil will get thicker and milky, and should be creamy-white when spit out.
3. Spit oil into the garbage. Because the oil is full of bacteria, do not swallow and do not empty into the sink.
4. Rinse well. Warmer water will give the mouth a cleaner feeling.
5. Brush well. Always give your teeth a good brushing to make sure you’ve gotten rid of all that bad bacteria.

And don’t forget, oil pulling may have added benefits, but it is not a substitute for routine dental care. You should still make regular dental appointments, as well as brush and floss every day!