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3 Oral Benefits of Honey

Monday - September 26th, 2016
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We all love honey, but how many things have you used it for? According to the National Honey Board, each American consumes about 1.3 pounds of honey each year. That’s a lot of honey!

But there is a lot more to do with honey than just consume it. National Honey Month was created to promote awareness about the importance of honey and honey bees. As one of the major sources of funding for Colony Collapse Disorder research, the National Honey Board is committed to spreading the joy of honey.

In addition to the multitude of culinary applications, honey is widely known for its incredible antibacterial nature. Some dental professionals have even used honey as a remedy for treating burns, infections and ulcers. It can:

But like with any sugary-treat, make sure you brush and floss after use!