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OneSmile Dental Plan: Affordable Insurance Alternative in San Antonio

Wednesday - November 29th, 2017
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Sometimes, there doesn’t always seem to be the perfect way to pay for your dental visits. Between dental insurance and dental financing, patients can feel stuck. As a patient, you always want to feel that with a dentist near me search you can find an affordable dentist that’s reliable, especially when it comes to caring for your teeth over a lifetime. Our San Antonio dentist is explaining how dental plans like the OneSmile dental plan can be your alternative to dental insurance. It’s an affordable insurance alternative for San Antonio patients looking to save money, while taking care of their smile. We’re outlining the details on how it works and how it can help you save on your next dental appointment.

How OneSmile Dental Plan Works

The OneSmile dental plan is much more flexible than normal dental insurance because it isn’t dental insurance. By not operating the same, we’re able to give patients access to savings across many participating Monarch Dental locations. The OneSmile dental plan works by patients gaining access to the plan via a membership fee. This low fee in turn, gives patients up to 20-40% savings on dental services they need to maintain a healthy smile throughout the year. It also includes free oral exams and dental X-rays, which can often be those hidden fees patients find sneak up on their bills. By making these services free, we hope to encourage patients gain access to more preventative oral care to help their smiles last for years to come.

How to Select a Plan

Knowing which plan is right for you can unlock savings on so many dental services you’ve been needing, and wanting, to take advantage of. We have three plan options to choose from, with prices based upon a 1 year membership plan, or a 2 year membership plan which are as follows:

These plans are there to be flexible with your life. Whether you’re a single professional that just needs a way to save on things like professional teeth cleanings or fillings, or the head of a large household with plenty of teeth to care for, these dental plans are meant to work for you. Often times, when patients are put under tight budget constraints they tend to leave their dental needs behind. Doing so can make for dental disasters later – that cavity you could’ve prevented at your oral exam, or the gum disease that could’ve been caught early on. One thing is for certain, when your dental needs are left untreated, they only lead to larger issues down the road.

What You Can Expect

Free Oral Exams

Oral exams are one of the best ways your dentist can ensure you’re on the right path to a healthy smile. It’s with these exams that your dentist can assess whether or not you are taking proper measures for at-home oral care with good brushing and flossing techniques. They can also look for other issues such as oral cancer and gum disease. With gum disease, your dentist can use a pocket reading to determine how inflamed your gums are. From there, they can recommend treatment right away before the disease progresses.

Immediate plan activation

As soon as you’ve gone through our online or phone registration, you’ll receive a membership ID card to bring with you to our participating offices. The plan is effective immediately, giving you access to tons of savings from the very beginning. There’s no waiting period, so if you feel that you have toothache symptoms that need to be taken care of by an emergency dentist, you can use your membership to assist in lowered dental visit costs. Especially when it comes to something like a toothache, you’ll want to have it addressed by a professional dentist if your symptoms have been worsening. They could indicate a larger dental issue at hand, and treating them straight away can get you toothache relief much faster than waiting.

Free X-Rays with no annual maximums

Dental X-rays are important. They serve as a record for your teeth, allowing your dentist to notate when and where changes are taking place. They can also help show underlying issues that might not be visible to the naked eye. We want to make sure your dentist can gain access to these images to make sound, responsible decisions when it comes to your teeth, which is why we have them free with no annual maximums. This means that if you just had a routine teeth cleaning, and have an accident causing an emergency dentist visit the following week, your X-rays are covered.

Low yearly membership fee

Saving means having a low membership fee. Paying it once will end up saving you so much more when it comes to the dental services you’re looking for. The savings also go beyond general dental services and preventative care. Your membership fee will also give you access to savings with cosmetic and specialized services such as periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and pedodontics. This is especially helpful when dental issues become much larger than you had initially planned for.

No claims form to submit

With the OneSmile dental plan, it’s an alternative to dental insurance which means no claim forms to file. This takes away the hassle that typical dental visits can cause when the bill is left unpaid and up to your insurance to take care of. With participating offices in your area, you can simply show them your membership ID card and they will provide you the cost of your visit with the savings already deducted. If you ever lose your membership ID card you can always request another online or by calling us at 1-833-417-6453.

Guaranteed acceptance

Everyone is guaranteed acceptance to the OneSmile dental plan because it isn’t contingent upon credit scores or financial income. We’ve eliminated these barriers with a low membership fee to give you access to savings. As a member you will still be required to pay for the services you receive, but they will come at a discounted rate. This also means there are no restrictions based on age or medical history.

Large selection of participating offices

At Monarch Dental, we have many participating offices in the San Antonio region that are ready to provide you with quality service at affordable rates. If you’re not sure where to start to book an appointment, you can use our online provider search to find participating offices. Or you can call us at (833) 417-6453 to find a provider near you.

What if I already have dental insurance?

Many patients look to use OneSmile dental plan as a way to boost their coverage and provide them an extra safety net. Dental insurance can be great, and usually covers most treatment options. However, there are times when dental insurance doesn’t cover the full amount of some procedures. We advise you check with your dental insurance provider to discuss what is fully covered, and what you’ll be responsible for. At times, OneSmile dental plan patients have found it helpful to use the discounts with the plan to be used on excess bills that weren’t covered by insurance. This can help for more extensive treatment recovery plans that came up unexpectedly.

Another reason why OneSmile dental plans can help patients seeking more than just what dental insurance has to offer comes down to the types of services that are wanted. At times, cosmetic procedures may not be fully covered or covered at all by dental insurance. If you’ve undergone a tooth extraction or extensive root canal therapy, these cosmetic options can help boost the appearance of your smile afterwards.

Orthodontics are also another way patients can save. From traditional braces to Invisalign, orthodontic treatment can be expensive. If you’ve been wanting to seek treatment for some time, but delayed because of cost, the OneSmile dental plan can potentially lower the financial barrier.

Dentist Near Me

If you’ve been performing a dentist near me search for an affordable dentist to no avail, it may be a good time to look into the OneSmile dental plan as an alternative option. Whether you have dental insurance or not, it could potentially help you save money throughout the year on the services you need to keep your smile healthy. Think of it as an extra financial safety net that can help you plan for the year ahead. With no limits on the amount you visit your dentist, you and your family can be rest assured all your dental needs and concerns are taken care of. If you haven’t applied yet, you can visit us online or can apply by phone at (833) 417-6453. At Monarch Dental in San Antonio, we’re excited to help you save the moment you apply!