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Lip Balm Versus Lip Gloss

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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With summer comes dealing with dry cracked lips. Fortunately, there are lots of options out there for making lips look smooth, shiny and healthy.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to know which kind of lip product is best. There isn’t a simple answer, but knowing the difference between products and the benefits each has to offer can help determine what to use on your lips.

Lip balm is typically sold in a cylinder, like Chap Stick, or in a small round jar. This kind of ointment may be tinted or flavored, such as mint or chamomile, but the chief benefit is that this kind of product is made to help heal chapped lips or prevent chapping, cracking and sometimes prevent sunburn, depending on the ingredients. Balms are usually opaque and contain ingredients like Vitamin E or Aloe that help keep lips moist, rather than drying out quickly.

Lip gloss on the other hand is a more oily substance, designed to enhance ones lips by adding a shimmer or shiny color. Though some may have healing or smoothing ingredients, the intention of glosses is much more aesthetic. Either product containing alcohol will dry your lips out faster and can actually cause more chapping. Staying hydrated is a major part of lip health, which is why to keep your lips healthy and smooth, it’s important to drink lots of fluids. Another big threat to our lips is the sun, which is why you should always use a balm or gloss with sun blocking ingredients when vacationing or in direct sunlight.

So get out in the sun, and remember to keep both yourself and your lips healthy and hydrated! Share your tips with us at Monarch Dental!