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5 Indoor & Outdoor Springtime Activities

Monday - April 24th, 2017
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With warmer weather right around the corner, the kids start to become more and more eager to get outside and start playing. Looking for some new springtime activities for your family, no matter the weather

Check out these 5 indoor/outdoor activities you can enjoy no matter the forecast.

1. Go on a picnic
Nothing feels more like springtime than enjoying a picnic as a family. When spring brings a gorgeous day, throw your picnic food in a basket and head to your favorite park to enjoy some sunshine! If rain gets in the way of your outdoor picnic plan, bring your picnic inside! Just spread a blanket on the floor and enjoy your family meal in the living room. Indoors or outdoors, this springtime activity is the perfect way to enjoy some fun quality time with the family.

2. Blow Bubbles
Spring is the perfect time to go outside and blow bubbles with your kids. Pick up a bubble blowing kit from almost any market or store. Your kids will have a blast either blowing the bubbles or chasing after them. If the weather isn’t great, take the party to the garage. Open the door and blow bubbles to see whose bubble lasts the longest without being popped by the rain!

3. Make a Cardboard Crown
Get outside where the wild things are! Create crowns inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are,” by Maurice Sendak. With colored construction paper, you can create your own crowns. Sit your kids down, read the story of Max and the wild things, then go outside with your new crowns and enjoy a wild adventure of your own!

4. Fly a Kite
Springtime breeze is the perfect weather for flying a kite with your kids. You can even brush up on your history of kites and discuss the science behind these flying contraptions. Your kids will learn while still having fun! If it’s too wet to fly a kite, make a pinwheel instead. Be your own source of wind and watch it spin!

5. Use Sidewalk Chalk
Head outside while it’s sunny and draw something fun and creative with sidewalk chalk. If no rain is in sight, sprinkle some water over your masterpiece and watch the drawing transform! Add more chalk to the edges and watch your drawing transform once again.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy nature firsthand. No matter what the weather is like, you can find great activities for your children to do indoors, outdoors or both!

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