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How To Prepare Your Kids for Spring Sports

Thursday - February 28th, 2019
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Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

March is a great time for sports! We’re waiting in anticipation to see who will win March Madness. The MLB, MLS and track and field teams will kick off a new season soon!

This month, youth leagues around the country are preparing for their spring sports season as well. This week’s blog is intended to help prepare you and your athlete with their “sports must haves” for the best season yet!


If the sun is peaking through the clouds at all, sunscreen should be part of every practice and game day ready routine. The sun emits skin damaging UVA and UVB rays all the time While this doesn’t seem important now, getting into the habit of applying sunscreen all over your face and body will make a huge difference when it begins making a consistent appearance.

Invest in Body Protecting Equipment

Make sure your child is equipped to play safely and at their very best. The start of a new season is a good time to hit up your local sporting goods store to check out the latest offerings from your favorite brands and also get refit for equipment, shoes, practice clothes, etc. that have been outgrown.

Mouth guards are an absolute must for sports, and especially if your child wears braces. Mouth guards protect both the teeth and jaw and in the event of a facial injury can save thousands of dollars in emergency dental procedures. If you are unsure if your child should have a mouth guard for the sport they play, talk to your dentist.


There are lots of water bottles on the market of different shapes, sizes and colors. Some are made with eco-friendly products, while others have advanced technology that keep beverages cool for extended periods of time. If your athlete doesn’t already have their own water bottle, we highly recommend getting them one they love so they are reminded to hydrate while they are exercising.

If your athlete is playing in a high intensity sport, adding a splash of sports drink to their water bottle will help give them that extra boost they need to finish practice strong or push them to the finish line. Due to the amount of acid in sports drinks they aren’t great for your oral health- Acidic mouth environments attract harmful bacteria that possess the potential to destroy tooth enamel. However, for high performance athletes who are losing electrolytes through their sweat at a rapid pace, sports drinks can be beneficial.


Sustain their energy so your athlete can perform at their best by providing low calorie snacks with whole ingredients. Cut up carrots and apples are great snacks for eating on the go and stimulate the gums. Common “energy-producing” snacks such as trail mix, granola bars and fruit snacks actually don’t enhance performance- or contribute to your oral health for that matter. They contain lots of sugar which we know does nothing for your oral health or energy.

Hope we have given you some thought in preparing for the spring season. Go team!