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10 Fun Facts About the Summer Olympics That Kids Will Love

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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The summer Olympics are finally here! If you and your family love watching the games together, then you’ll also love these fun facts about them.

  1. The first summer Olympics of the modern era was held in 1896 in Athens, Greece.
  2. The Olympic games that we know today are based on the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. Theseancient games were a series of athletic competitions held to honor the Greek God Zeus.
  3. Ever since ancient times, the Olympics have always been held only once every four years.
  4. Instead of winning a medal, winners of the ancient Olympic games won an olive branch wreath.
  5. The fist time winners were presented with gold, silver and bronze medals for first, second and third place was in 1904.
  6. The gold medal is actually made mostly of silver and then plated in gold.
  7. The United States has won more gold medals during the summer Olympics than any other country (2,399 since 2012).
  8. The United States has also hosted the Olympics more times than any other country (1904 in St. Louis, 1932 & 1984 in Los Angeles and 1966 in Atlanta).
  9. The five colors of the Olympic rings (blue, black, green, yellow and red)were chosen because every country in the world has at least one of those colors in their flag. The rings represent 5 of the world’s continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas, linked together in friendship.
  10. There were no Olympic games in 1916, 1940 or 1944 because of the two World Wars.