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Five Ways to Win the Award for Holiday Host of the Year

Monday - November 5th, 2018
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Photo by Jordan Arnold on Unsplash

With the holidays coming up, you are might find yourself in the company of guests staying over at your home. While this can be a stressful, you do not need to worry because we’ve put together some suggestions for you to be the best host they’ve had all year!

Give a House Tour When Guest Arrive

Don’t assume your guests know where things are. Give them a tour of the house the day they arrive. Show them where everything is and teach them how to use appliances such as the coffee maker, or the trick to getting the temperature of the shower just right.

Write Down Household Instructions

The tour was a great first step to making everyone feel welcome in your home. But be sure to write the important things down in a notebook or binder so that they know where to find things, how the TV remotes work, and what the WIFI password is. That last one is key!

Stock the Bedside Table

Make your guests’ stay as homey as possible by providing the essentials and some fun personal touches right at their fingertips. A clock and a reminder of the WIFI password are nice to have readily available at the bedside. Consider leaving personal touches like a copy of your favorite book, fresh flowers and a pitcher of water and a glass. On a budget? Use flowers and foilage from your garden and DIY a flower arrangement.

Send Them off with a Souvenir

Leave your guests with a small momento of their visit to remind them of their stay. It could be a product local to your area, or a homemade gift. Here’s a list of DIY gift ideas that just might get your creative juices flowing.

Create a Guest Basket

Sometimes when traveling, it’s easy to forget basic essentials. Help your guests by providing them with a guest basket. Include basic toiletries, like shampoo, conditioner, a soap bar, maybe even a spare phone charger. But most importantly, don’t forget a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss to keep their holiday smiles sparkling clean.

We hope these ideas provided a bit of inspiration to help you make your guests feel at home and enjoy your time together.