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Five Things WORSE Than Tooth Pain

Wednesday - August 15th, 2018
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Everyone who’s had a toothache knows it’s not just a toothache. No one quite understands the pain you’re going through. Well, we do, and we (somehow) managed to find things that are more painful than that toothache of yours.

1. Burning Your Mouth on a Cup of Joe

Joe: your best friend in the early mornings when your human self just isn’t quite there. Every now and then, though, your cup of Joe unexpectedly burns you, and it’s tragic. Instead of enjoying a fresh, revitalizing cup of coffee, you’re left with a traumatized tongue and a day of useless taste buds.


2. When Netflix Stops Working.

Netflix: your best friend when boredom is knocking on your door. Whether you’re trying to binge watch or entertain one of the kids, it’s true heartbreak when Netflix refuses to work. What are we supposed to do now, Netflix?!? Ugh.


3. “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

Worst. Word. Combo. Possible. Something about hearing these five words in a sentence hits harder than you’d think-especially when said by someone close.


4. Being Proposed to on National TV Just to Have the Guy Take It Back and Choose Someone Else

Out of 22 seasons of The Bachelor, this has happened TWICE. Two bachelors have proposed to a girl and then taken their proposals back to pick the girl they initially rejected. There’s a 9% chance of it happening again. Yikes.


7. A Little Thing Called Childbirth

Need I say more? Didn’t think so.