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What are the different types of braces?

Wednesday - October 21st, 2020

Thanks to advancements in technology, patients now have a variety of options when choosing how to straighten out their smile, such as: Traditional metal braces: These are the most common type of braces. They consist of stainless steel brackets cemented onto each tooth. A metal wire is then threaded through the brackets to gradually guide teeth into their proper position and a tiny rubber band wraps around each bracket to hold the wire in place. Metal braces with colored bands: You can add personality to your metal braces by asking your orthodontist to wrap brightly-colored rubber bands around the brackets. If you get tired of one color, you can change out your rubber bands during your orthodontic visits. Clear braces: Clear braces are just like traditional braces but use clear-colored brackets, wires and rubber bands. They’re less noticeable than their metal counterparts and for some patients, more comfortable.