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Dreams of Losing a Tooth

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Have you ever had a dream that you were being chased or falling?

How about a dream where your teeth fell out? These are actually a few of the most common reoccurring dreams that people experience. Reoccurring dreams are still a mystery to doctors, and while there isn’t an exact science to understanding the meaning of these dreams, there are certainly a lot of theories.

In a recent article in the International Business Times, psychologist and author Ian Wallace, who studies dreams and their meaning, said, “The image of tooth loss or toothless-ness can reflect aging, illness, injury or loss of power. It might also reflect innocence and potential of infancy, so it can be negative or positive.” Not that dreaming about tooth loss means that we are ill or going to have a baby, rather, that you may be subconsciously concerned about becoming ill or thinking about having a baby.

Other theories point to insecurity in one’s appearance as a cause, as well as stress, which can include stress at work or in our relationships. It’s hard to say what (if anything) our dreams really mean, but tooth loss dreams certainly raise some interesting questions about how important our teeth are to us.

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