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Don’t Want To Smile In Photos?

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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If you’re embarrassed about showing off your smile because of the appearance of your teeth, braces or good old fashioned shyness, pictures can be a difficult and stressful prospect.

Whether its for those annual family portraits or vacation pictures, the last thing you want is to have a forced or fake smile. To help put you at ease when those photo-ops come up, we’ve put together some tips and alternatives to smiling that make pictures more fun.

Strike a pose: Instead of facing the camera straight on, try tilting your head down or to the side for a profile shot. This will shift focus to your eyes and away from your mouth.

It’s all in the eyes: A sincere smile can be seen in the eyes, so focus your emotion there. This will help get rid of the forced or uncomfortable look that might happen if you’re only focused on your smile.

Make a face: You don’t have to smile to prove you are having fun. Whether it’s a smirk, the notorious duck lips or a look of surprise, making a face can bring a photo to life and give context to the situation in the picture. No matter how you choose to take a photo, the important thing to remember is to be confident! Straight teeth, crooked teeth, braces or not, a genuine smile in the eyes and knowing which angle you feel most comfortable can make all the difference. If you’re still shy about your smile, find your nearest Monarch Dental and schedule a dental evaluation!