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Does Using Tobacco Affect Your Teeth?

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Every May, the World Health Organization (WHO) holds World No Tobacco Day to raise awareness of the harm caused by tobacco.

This year, we want to make sure you know the risks associated with tobacco, health, and oral health.

  1. Tobacco use increases health risks. Tobacco use is directly related to an increased risk of over 25 diseases, including cancer of the mouth, lungs, bladder, kidney, and stomach. Tobacco also increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and periodontal disease.
  2. Tobacco kills 4 million every year. According to the Institute of Medicine, tobacco kills more Americans than AIDS, alcohol, drugs (cocaine and heroin), homicides, suicides, car accidents and fires combined. The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco kills 4 million people worldwide every year. In the United States alone, tobacco kills almost 500,000 people annually, which is about 1 in 5 deaths.
  3. It stains your teeth and causes bad breath. While most effects of tobacco don’t manifest immediately, you can see the damage it does your teeth. Tobacco use can cause them to become a yellow/brown color, and these stains are more difficult to remove than other surface stains. Tobacco use also causes long-term smokers breath, which is difficult to combat.

The best way to avoid these health problems is to quit tobacco! If you’re trying to quit, talk to your doctor or dentist for support and tips.