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Cute DIY Ornament – That’s Easy to Make!

Monday - December 12th, 2016
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There is nothing better than a holiday activity that leaves you with a keepsake for remembrance or a gift to share with family or friends. One of our favorite things to do to celebrate the holidays is making our own ornaments!

This week we have an adorable polar bear that can be made from a few simple objects that are available at your local crafts store. You may not see any real polar bears this winter season, but we guarantee that putting one of these ornaments on your tree will spread smiles all around.

Styrofoam Ball
Two Different Shades of White Felt
White Yarn
Black Pom Poms
Scissors and Glue
Greening Pin

1. Wrap medium-sized syrofoam ball in white yarn. Cover the ball and knot when finished to secure.
2. Cut semi-cirlces of felt, one size for each color, with one color being smaller for the inside of the ear.
3. Glue the ear pieces together and to the white ball.
4. Glue black pom-poms for eyes and nose.
5. Attach ribbon to top of head with a greening pin

Source: http://www.parents.com/holiday/christmas/easy-ornament-crafts/