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Camera Ready Smile

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Summer is finally here, and with it comes photo ops galore. Are you ready to flash that smile when someone says cheese, or do you duck and cover as soon as you see a camera? If you want to be the master of your summer photos, you first need to be a master at smiling.

Here are some tips to help even the most un-photogenic person take a great picture:

Be Natural
It can be pretty obvious if someone is forcing or faking a smile for a number of reasons. The biggest giveaway will be in the eyes, because when someone smiles or laughs naturally, it affects the way their eyes lift. If you truly aren’t happy in that moment, try thinking of things that make you smile or laugh. Even if it’s just for a moment, that’s long enough to capture an authentic smile.

Be Comfortable
This may feel strange, but practicing your smile will help both for photos and to get you smiling more in general. As for most things in life, practice makes perfect. Try practicing your smile at home and in the office and check it out in a mirror to see if you are truly smiling. Once you recognize how your natural smile feels, you can try to harness it for photos.

Be Prepared
Some people don’t smile simply because they don’t like the way their teeth look. There are ways to perk up a smile. Brush at least twice a day, regular floss and avoid foods and drinks that can stain or harm your teeth. For those that want to have the brightest teeth, exploring at home teeth whitening options or consulting your dentist for professional services can be a way to keep that megawatt smile.

Even if you don’t use your smiling skills for photos, it is a wonderful habit to have. Smiling is contagious and spreads joy to those around you. Plus, there are real benefits to smiling. A smile helps build trust and rapport, it can make you and others feel good and it is a mood lightener. So get out there and face summer with a smile!