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Benefits of Using a Drinking Straw

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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Most people use a straw when they purchase a beverage on the go, like an iced coffee or a soda, but it isn’t as common to see people using straws in their homes or even in the workplace.

However, there are some legitimate benefits to using a drinking straw that might make you want to start using them all the time.

Stain Protection:

Using a drinking straw can seriously help protect your teeth against staining that happens from long term exposure to dark-colored foods and drinks, like coffee and tea. Using a straw means you avoid constant and direct contact with the front of your teeth.

Reduced Exposure:

Similar to the stain protection factor, using a drinking straw means you have control of that food or drink intake by direct the substance away from your teeth. Your teeth will still have some contact, but it is much less than if you were to drink from a glass that would then let the liquid cover all of your teeth. Reduced exposure means less chance for bacteria and sugary substances to stick to your teeth and potentially cause erosion.


Dishes in restaurants or even your own on-the-go-cup, can tend to host germs and bacteria simply from exposure to other people and handling. Using a straw can help you to only consume the beverage you want to, and not those other germs.


Especially when you’re on the go, drinking from a straw is much easier than unscrewing a cap or tilting your head back to gulp from a glass.


Because drinking from a straw means you are taking in a more controlled amount of liquid, you are actually reducing your risk of choking. Drinking a smaller amount at a time also means you are safer from burning your mouth on too-hot beverages.