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Answers to All Your Flossing Excuses

Tuesday - September 20th, 2016
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We’re all guilty of making excuses for not doing things we know we should be going. Flossing is a perfect example. Many of us know how important it is to floss our teeth every day, yet oftentimes we make excuses not to. Here are some common excuses you may be telling yourself how to flip the script:

It hurts my gums when I floss.

If this is your excuse, you especially need to floss more! Gums that bleed or hurt when flossing may be an indication of gum disease. If you start flossing regularly and the bleeding doesn’t go away within a couple of weeks, make an appointment with your dentist.

I don’t have time to floss.

In fact, only takes an extra minute or two to floss your teeth before or after brushing. Build it into your nighttime routine and before you know it, you’ll be flossing without even thinking about it! If you really don’t have time, keep floss with you and do it when you have a spare moment.

I just hate flossing.

This one is understandable. Not many of us really love flossing, but it’s something that must be done for good oral health. If you dislike string floss, try a water pick (the best alternative), plastic disposable flossers, or regular wooden toothpicks.

I can’t get the floss between my teeth.

Try waxed floss! The waxy coating makes it easier to get the floss between teeth that are close together.

Remember, the more you floss the better and easier it will get!