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Affordable Family Dental Care at Our Local Lakewood Offices

Tuesday - December 26th, 2017
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When you’re looking for a new family dentist, you’ll need your dentist near me search to go one step further in finding not only an affordable dentist, but one that can offer quality care to protect your family’s smiles for years to come. That’s why we got our Lakewood dentist to provide reasons and ways you can find affordable family care, including options for dental plans and dentist financing. Teeth are important at any age, and you’ll need a dentist capable of taking care of all types of smiles. Whatever your family’s needs are, read below on how services at Monarch Dental can help you achieve optimal smile health.

Caring for family dental care is a bit different than an average dentist. Perhaps you have a newborn baby and are wondering when they should start visiting the dentist for their oral exams, or you have a grandfather that needs specialty dental services to keep his teeth in tact. Whatever the age, our teeth naturally change over time. You’ll need a family dentist who can be prepared to give you direction and guidance on how to best take care of your teeth at home, and how often you’ll need to have dental appointments for oral exams and routine professional teeth cleanings. You’ll also want a dentist that can grow with your family, understanding the habits that have formed and keeping record on how to best encourage healthy oral habits at home. This can have an impact on how your children’s teeth develop in their future.

General Dental Services

Oral Exams and X-Rays

Having routine, regular oral exams are one of the best ways your dentist can keep track of you and your family’s teeth. Dental X-rays are another way your dentist will use a digital record to notate how teeth are shifting and moving, and if they may be impacting other teeth. A great example of this is wisdom teeth and how they can emerge to affect surrounding teeth. You won’t need to have a dental X-ray every time you visit your dentist, but you should follow your dentist’s guidelines on how often they’ll need to take one. They can help your dentist do a better job at diagnosing any underlying issues.

As far as oral exams, our Lakewood dentist generally recommends having one at least every 6 months along with a teeth cleaning. However, some dentists may recommend you have them more frequently, depending on the patient. At your oral exam, your dentist is responsible for detecting any signs of gum disease, cavities, or oral cancer. Oral cancer is a particular concern if you or a family member you have smokes tobacco. Notifying your dentist of your habits at home can help them perform an oral exam with more knowledge particular to you.

Teeth Cleanings

Routine professional teeth cleanings are a way for your dentist to give your teeth a fresh, clean slate. Over time, your mouth will collect plaque that hardens into tartar. Once this happens, tartar cannot be removed with simple brushing and flossing at home. You’ll need the expert hand of a dentist to use tools to scrape away any tartar build up. The reason these cleanings are so important for you and your family comes down to the development of gum disease and cavities.

For gum disease, if the plaque and tartar build up has been left behind for some time, you’ll gums will start to inflame and begin the first stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis. From there, if it continues to advance the following stages of gum disease can have irreversible effects. You may need to seek treatment with a deep cleaning, or have surgery to clean and fix your gums and bone tissue. All of these can be not only painful, but much more costly than a teeth cleaning would have been in the first place.

Similarly, cavities are a common reason we tend to visit the dentist. At your professional teeth cleanings, your dentist will look for signs of decay. If these are left untreated, a tooth can be become abscessed needing intensive therapy or extraction.

Fillings and Dental Crowns

Fillings and dental crowns are generally thought to be used when you have a cavity. While this is mostly true, they can also be used if you have a chipped or fractured tooth as well. Having a filling at a young age can seem like a scary process, and can impact how you view dental visits later in life. You want your child to enjoy going to the dentist as much as possible to encourage healthy habits in their future. If you need a dentist that can perform a filling on children, you can look to Monarch Dental for any of their pediatric dental services. We know just how to make you and your loved ones feel comfortable, even in the most hectic dental circumstances.

Specialty Dental Services

It’s always nice when your dentist can double as a specialist. At Monarch Dental, we have a staff made up of dentists and specialists, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in one place. From oral surgery to root canal therapy, you’ll want a specialist qualified at handling all of your concerns. Having them at one place can help cut down on appointment times and establish an environment where you already have trust built between you and your dentist.

Orthodontics and Braces

In adulthood or teenage years, there’s always a good time to straighten your teeth. At Monarch Dental, we have orthodontics that specialize in providing you with the right type of treatment at an affordable rate. Understanding which options will work best for you and your family’s preferences can help cut down on treatment time and give you lasting results much quicker than you thought before. We have all types of braces, including traditional braces and Invisalign. You can have a consultation to go over which type of braces are right for you and then determine who will need them in your family.

Emergency Dentist

Chipped tooth or toothache symptoms that keep persisting – dental emergencies happen. At Monarch Dental, we offer emergency dental care and hours to help give your family the care it needs with the immediacy it needs. Some dental emergencies shouldn’t wait, especially if you’re noticing signs of an abscessed tooth. Whatever the concern, knowing you have a family dentist to rely on can make all the difference in those moments.

Affordable Dentist Near Me

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance will typically cover the cost of most preventative dental work, as well as some dental procedures. It’s always best to check with your dental insurance provider to see what types of services are fully covered, and what you’ll be expected to pay the remaining balance of. Generally, most cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers are not covered by dental insurance plans. Monarch Dental accepts most dental insurance providers, and files claims for you, making your dentist visit a breeze. If you’re not sure if Monarch Dental will accept your insurance, give us a call and one of staff members would be glad to look into it for you.

Coupons and Promotions

One of the easiest ways patients can save on dental services is to use running promotions and coupons at their closest Monarch Dental locations. Coupons will vary from location to location, which is why we created an online tool for you to plug in your zip code and find the deals closest to you. We also offer newsletters that can deliver savings straight to your inbox, so you won’t have to hunt for the nearest deal. You can save on general dental services to help keep your teeth in shape, or some other cosmetic dental procedures that you’ve been holding off on. Whatever your dental wish, it’s always good to check what savings are running in your area.

Dental Financing

For patients without dental insurance, Monarch Dental also offers dental financing to help pay for those out-of-pocket expenses you might not have been expecting. We offer payment plans with no interest or options with extended terms to suit your financial needs. Taking care of your smile should come first, without having to worry about too much about the cost. Using dental financing can help make your dental visit more manageable.

Dental Plans – OneSmile Dental

The OneSmile dental plan is a great alternative to dental insurance. The plan works by giving patients access to savings and discounts through a low yearly membership fee. This also includes free exams and X-rays with no annual maximums. This is a great option for families that know they will be visiting their dentist throughout the year and can plan to budget for how much general dentistry services will cost them. It can also act as a safety net for those that have dental insurance, but want discounts on items that aren’t covered by their provider.