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Posts Tagged ‘recipes’

Instant Pot Favorites to Chase Away Winter’s Chill

Photo by Henrique Felix on Unsplash We’re embracing winter and everything that comes with the season. Cozy sweaters, reading books by the fire, and big pot of homemade soup to chase away the chill. If you don’t have all day to stand by the stove making dinner, we’re big fans of the Instant Pot as…

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Holiday Entertaining – Just Say Cheese

Photo by Rose Elena on Unsplash The holidays are filled with opportunities to gather your friends and family. For a fun, relatively easy way to feed a party, consider a beautifully curated cheese board. Aside from being creative and easy to assemble, we’re big fans of cheese because it contains calcium and probiotics, which build…

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Delicious to the Core – An Apple Recipe Sure to Delight Family and Friends

Stuck in a rut with the same after-dinner dessert ideas? Fall, with the arrival of apple harvest, provides fresh inspiration. We love these apple pie bites from The Blond Cook. They take less than thirty minutes to make and are unbelievably delicious. Your friends and family will be left scratching their heads wondering how you…

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