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Affordable Root Canal Treatment Near You

Are you experiencing severe discomfort, pain when biting down, or hot and cold sensitivity? These are all common signs of an abscessed tooth. Book an appointment today for affordable root canal therapy at Monarch Dental – a safe and comfortable way to treat tooth pain and preserve your tooth.
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What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic therapy, is a specialized restorative procedure that treats the nerve and pulp tissues inside dying, damaged, or severely infected teeth. Much like a filling removes decay and rebuilds a tooth, root canals remove the infected nerve and fill in the hollow area left behind. They serve two purposes: pain relief and preventing tooth loss.

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When is a Root Canal Needed?

A root canal procedure is required if your tooth is abscessed, cracked, or decayed to the point where bacteria reach the inside of the pulp chamber. Traumatic injuries that cause the nerve of your tooth to die will also require a root canal. Without endodontic treatment, teeth will eventually deteriorate to the point where they are non-restorable, requiring an extraction and replacement.

Common Symptoms and Signs: How to Know if You Need a Root Canal

The most obvious symptoms of an abscessed or dying tooth include the following warning signs:

  • A visible fistula (pimple) on the gums near your tooth
  • Severe sensitivity to hot or warm food and drinks
  • Known history of a past traumatic injury to the tooth
  • Visible darkening of the overall tooth structure, compared to other teeth
  • Pain when biting or chewing

The best way to diagnose whether a tooth needs a root canal is to contact Monarch Dental immediately to request an exam. Our gentle dental providers will take steps to provide prompt pain relief and determine the source of your symptoms. We use high-resolution digital x-rays to pinpoint dental abscesses, dying nerves, or deep areas of decay to ensure the best plan of care.

Once we identify the source of your issue, we will provide a custom treatment plan outlining the appropriate dental procedures, such as an affordable root canal. It’s important that you do not put off dental care, as it could result in additional pain, infection, and more complex treatments.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost of a root canal depends on the number of roots and nerve chambers a tooth has, as well as the anatomical structure of the tooth. A tooth can have one to three roots. Sedation during the procedure and the type of crown needed after your treatment are also additional costs to consider.

At Monarch Dental, we provide affordable root canal treatment at a location near you, with endodontic specialists available when more complex treatment is required – ensuring you the most cost-effective dental care . If you don’t have insurance, our OneSmile Dental Plan1 is a perfect way to save on your dental care needs.

Can Root Canals be Avoided?

The best way to avoid the need for a root canal procedure is to have cavities treated while they are still small and only require a filling or crown. Unfortunately, tooth decay spreads over time, creating deeper lesions inside the affected tooth. When the infection reaches the nerve chamber at the center of your tooth, a root canal treatment is the only remaining option to prevent tooth loss. While it may seem like it’s easier to have your abscessed tooth extracted, this adds additional steps, such as tooth replacement or implant therapy to restore your smile. In most cases, endodontic therapy is the best viable option.

Emergency Appointments

Monarch Dental provides fast pain relief and emergency dental care for all ages. If you have a severe toothache—whether it’s causing sharp pain or dull discomfort—we encourage you to visit our team of friendly dental providers. We aim to provide a holistic patient experience to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Monarch Dental for Dental Care?

Not all dentists offer endodontic treatment. At Monarch Dental, we have both experienced general dentists who perform root canals as well as endodontic specialists on staff. This dynamic team approach ensures that you have access to gentle, high-quality care without the added expenses of visiting an offsite endodontist.

What is the Monarch Dental Root Canal Patient Experience?

Your treatment experience at Monarch Dental is a personalized process where we focus on your comfort, budget, and well-being. The root canal procedure itself is completed across these five simple steps:

Making You Comfortable

We will use a local anesthetic to numb the tooth being treated. Sedation dentistry options are also available upon request. You should not feel anything more than a bit of pressure.

Cleaning the Tooth

Decayed tooth structures are cleaned away, and the infected pulp tissue is removed.

Filling the Canals

After we clean the inside of the hollow pulp chamber, a special filling material is placed inside the tooth to seal the nerve canal(s) and prevent reinfection.

Placing Your Temporary Filling

A temporary filling or crown is placed over your tooth while we have the lab design a permanent restoration.

Fitting Your Crown

About two weeks later, a final crown is bonded over your tooth to prevent additional wear or breaks.

What is the Recovery Process After a Root Canal?

Knowing what to expect after a root canal can help you feel more at ease about your smile’s needs. Recovering from your root canal treatment is similar to what you would expect after a filling or crown. Any mild soreness is temporary but easily manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers, warm saltwater rinses, and a cool compress. Since there is no longer a vital nerve inside of your tooth, the source of pain is eliminated.

How Long Do Root Canals Last?

Endodontically treated teeth tend to remain stable for about 20 years or longer with good home care. It’s crucial to floss around and brush these teeth each day. We also recommend regularly scheduled checkups so that we can monitor your tooth over time.

Root Canal Treatment Cost at Monarch Dental

How much are root canals? After we examine your tooth, we will curate a treatment plan outlining all costs involved. To ensure accessible, affordable care, we gladly offer flexible payment options, accept most insurance plans and offer our OneSmile Dental Plan1 for those without insurance.

Insurances Accepted

Monarch Dental accepts most PPO and HMO dental insurance plans. We will file claims on your behalf and work closely with your carrier to ensure maximum coverage on all applicable services, including root canals. Use our zip code location tool to find an affordable dentist near you.

Monarch Dental Flexible Payment Plans

No insurance? Monarch Dental’s OneSmile Dental Plan1 covers all of your checkups and x-rays and includes 20-40% off most services, making it easy to afford the dental care you need. Your treatment experience will be uniquely tailored to fit your lifestyle.

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Delaying a root canal treatment puts you at risk for a dental emergency. For holistic care and gentle endodontic therapy that you can afford, contact Monarch Dental today.
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